What I Learnt From The Red Lipstick Dare


Getting my sexy on

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, is friends with me on Facebook or checks out my pics on Instagram would know by now I’ve been doing the Fox In Flats Red Lipstick Dare. If you’re unfamiliar with the red lipstick dare, allow me to enlighten you. The concept is basically this – you wear red lipstick for 7 days straight. From when you get dressed in the morning to when you take off your makeup at night. The dare is run by Fox In Flats and was inspired 12 months ago by a book called Anonymums. For the one year anniversary of running style dares, Mrs Fox (Andrea, to those who know her) decided to run it again.

Having been late to the Fox In Flats style dares, I missed this the first time around so when Andrea announced she was running it again, I decided to join in. I decided to write about it for one simple reason: It has really made an impact on me.

Today is Day 6 of my wearing red lipstick. I wore red lipstick putting up shelves in our garage, I wore red lipstick to supervise exams at work. I have worn red lipstick on busses and trains, and even working out with a friend. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it really has made a difference. I feel more alive, more awake. I feel more glamorous and yes, sexier. I’ve received lots of compliments, not just on my lips, but on my outfits this week – even though I wore the same thing last week and nobody noticed.

Now, of an evening when I take it off I feel naked. Isn’t it funny how quickly you adjust? Even Husband has started to think I look normal with red lippy on, and has stopped trying not to kiss me lest he be covered with red lipstick marks. It’s made me feel more adventurous, and more confident. I have been more enthusiastic, eating more fresh fruit and veggies. And more indulgent, Husband & I have watched a movie every night this week, even though it’s a school night.

Yesterday when I arrived at work, 2 more of my colleagues had their red lips on. It’s spreading. And it’s a good thing, because it really truly has made me feel different about myself. I highly recommend it.

My Red Lipscapades

Have you ever done a style dare? What’s something you’ve done that has really impacted the way you see yourself?

  • http://www.strongerbraversmarter.wordpress.com Lucy

    Can I just say – you look absolutely stunning. Red lippy suits you so well! :-)

  • Bek M

    I love red lippy- I wear it nearly every day. Lifts my mood. :-)