Why I Call Bullshit on “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels”


“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” Kate Moss


If that were true there would be no fat people. There would be no eating disorders, no body dysmorphia, no insecure supermodels and we simply know none of that is true.

The other day I was looking down at my stomach. It's mostly flat now, thanks to my restricted diet and inability to eat what I call “real food” but what actually means processed, high fat, high sugar, high carb junk. You know, the good stuff. My boobs haven't dropped in size so I've finally got the body I always wanted.

I looked down at my body, looked at the Viking and said “Kate Moss said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels but she's a lying bitch and I want food”.

I've struggled with my body for most of my life, only coming to accept it as an adult. But for the vast majority of it I've been skinny, oftentimes “too” skinny. So let me tell you what skinny feels like.

Skinny feels like not being considered a “real woman” because you don't have curves. Skinny feels like being called names or judged because people can see your bones. Skinny feels like having people tell you you can't have a heart problem because you have a good body, and clearly that means you're healthy and everything is working perfectly.

Skinny feels like having strangers ask if your boobs are fake, if you eat anything, how much you exercise. Skinny feels like not being happy in your body, just like not being skinny feels, only more socially acceptable. And more socially acceptable to have your diet and exercise scrutinised by other people, although that doesn't mean it happens more, and there's something different behind it when it does.

But even more than that – skinny isn't a feeling.

It isn't something that makes you worth more, or better, or more valuable. It doesn't make you happier, and it never will.

Your self worth cannot be tied into your appearance. If you are to learn to be happy in your body, and to love it, you need to love it no matter what it looks like. Because if you plan to love it when it gets to a certain point, that point will never come. You will never get there.

There will always be another kilo to lose, another line to erase, another thing to change. It will never be what you want it to be. And if it is, if it ever gets there. If you do a total overhaul a la Heidi Montag, it still won't make you happy.

There is no “when” in terms of your self worth. I made this years ago, and I still believe it today.

The KiKi & Tea Body Love Manifesto

You need to love yourself now. Value yourself now. Because “when” will never come.

Do you believe nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Or do you think that's bullshit?


  • Gary

    Apart from food problems, which I am so sorry you are experiencing, it’s a sad reflection that skinny is preferred to natural which may be curvy or may just be slender but not free of enough body fat. Obesity is truly a problem, but it’s not right that some people mistake natural with obese. If you lie down and your belly is flat or scaphoid that’s fine, if there’s overflow or a hill beginning to form then it’s time to lose a little.

    • http://kikiandtea.com/ Tamsin Howse

      It shouldn’t be about looks at all, only about health. And not someone else’s, let’s all worry only about our own.

      • Gary

        So true. The lying down belly thing is a lesson I learnt from a surgeon when I was in med school.

  • http://iamevilcupcake.com/ iamevilcupcake

    I think it’s a big, steaming pile of bullshit. Of course Kate Moss can say something ridiculous like that. She gets paid a ridiculous amount of money to look the way she does, and she also is super famous because of how she looks (and drug issues, who she’s dated etc etc) ANYWAY.

    In the real world, people have feelings. People have issues. It can manifest itself in many ways. Some people withdraw from life, hiding away from everything. Some people don’t eat. Some people eat too much. And then there are things that I won’t mention as they would be triggering for some. But these are all results of feeling a certain way, or surviving a trauma and not because a person is hyper-motivated, or super lazy.

    Nothing is ever as it seems, but people like to make sweeping generalisations when they look at someone. For you T, people look at you and assume you don’t eat, that you exercise too much, and you starve yourself. For me, people look at me and assume that I sit on my arse all day and do nothing, that I eat and eat, and that’s it. They don’t see that you have dietary restrictions, and they don’t see that I spend an hour a day walking to and from the station.

    But that doesn’t matter. Because by making an assumption, it allows people to feed their prejudices, whether it’s against thin people or fat people. It shows that they actually don’t give a shit about you as a person, but just see you as a way to confirm their way of thinking. And it sucks. Being rude to a thin person just shows their jealousy, because they think that you’ve either been blessed with an amazing metabolism, or you work your arse off to get thin. And being rude to a fat person is apparently justified because we bring it upon ourselves. Tell that to someone who is a victim of abuse, who uses food as a comfort.

    Lastly, like you T, I have struggled with self hatred, self image my entire life, almost 39 years. It has only now been in the last year that I can honestly say that I am awesome, I am amazing, I am beautiful, and I love myself. Because at the end of the day, when people say shit like that, it just shows THEIR character, not yours.

    • http://kikiandtea.com/ Tamsin Howse

      Yes, it does show their character, you are so right! Spot on! It really isn’t about the person they’re judging at all, rather a reflection of their own issues or prejudices.
      I’m so glad you are on the road of learning to love yourself. It can be so hard, especially in our society where we tear down those we perceive to be cocky, to say “Yes, I am awesome, and I deserve this”. Whatever “this” is (a healthy body, a good job, a loving partner, a treat, etc).
      Because you are awesome. And you do deserve good things.