Shopping with Children Project Management Style

July 30, 2014 in Children, Fathers, Featured, Lifestyle, Mothers, Parenting, People by Katrina Dare

I remember the days when I was child free and I’d head into the city for a new work suit and a shiny new pair of stilettos. It’s not so easy now, but with a little bit of sharing it can be manageable. I manage it a bit like a work project, dividing the shopping project into tasks. Now we both know there will be risks and we need to mitigate those risks with a bit of forward planning. I suggest the following: Task 1: Coffee and a muffin Let’s be realistic. Parents in general need coffee. Kids need food,
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Tuesday Tips: Don’t Wait

July 29, 2014 in Featured, Tuesday Tips by Tamsin Howse

Back when I started blogging, I needed a reason to write something each week even when I had no inspiration so I started writing weekly posts, a series of posts centring around a particular theme. The most important one of these, for me, was Tuesday Tips. A little hint, every Tuesday, to help make your life better. And what are we here for if not to make your life better? I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing in some weekly posts on KK&T for a while. Hayley & I have discussed it at length, and we looked over  a
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What I Eat Is Not Your Business

July 28, 2014 in Anecdotes, Body, Body Image, Featured, Gender by Tamsin Howse

What I eat is not yours business. And what I put in my mouth is not your concern. On Friday I read an article on The Guardian talking about women’s food choices, and why they’re constantly up for discussion by everyone around the woman, and I started thinking about my own experiences with this. Growing up extremely skinny, it was a constant source of amusement for those around me to comment on my food choices. If I ate something unhealthy, the comments ranged from “Careful, you might get fat!” to “I’d eat that too if I looked like you”. If
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Will Main Street Go Offline?

July 24, 2014 in Featured, Society, Technology by Mazi Grey

I was having a chat to my local video rental store owner; I will pause here. The surprising thing about that to most of you is that my town still has a video rental shop. My American wife has not even seen one for years. But, in my town it is still cheaper (and more pleasant) to go to a shop and rent a DVD. So, I was talking to the shopkeep, and she told me they had laid off staff, and the weekends were the only thing keeping the store afloat. This, and the vacant shop fronts in main
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Men in Conflict: No Fighting Neccesary

July 23, 2014 in Children, Gender, Parenting by Maree Talidu

In a world where men are taught that fighting is the best way to resolve conflict and walking away is weak, how can we teach our young men that not fighting is actually the better way? At my school, senior students are currently learning about conflict resolution- what are the actual causes of conflict and how these factors can contribute to how the conflict is resolved. We are teaching students about compromise, collaboration, and mediation. We are emphasizing that violence is never the answer- as much as you might want to punch someone who has humiliated you or angered you-
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What I See In The Mirror Doesn’t Matter

July 21, 2014 in Body Image, Featured, Gender by Tamsin Howse

We will never achieve equality while women continue to be judged by their appearance. I was recently sent the latest video in the continuous campaign for women to learn to see themselves as beautiful. While I believe in body love, as you know, I’m getting pretty tired of the constant story of women who don’t realise how beautiful they are. This video, which asks women what they see when they look in the mirror, shows a variety of women talking about how they don’t see someone who is beautiful, the unspoken implication being they don’t see someone who is valuable.
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We Need Your Help To Create a New Tagline for KiKi & Tea

July 18, 2014 in Featured, Meta by Tamsin Howse

We need your help. A tagline is crucial to placing your business within the market. So how do you choose one? That’s where so many of us get stuck. A tagline should express: Your mission Your promise Your brand A blog, just like any business, needs to capture the attention of its audience, it’s desired customers: You KiKi & Tea has been running for over 2 years now and during that time has undergone many different changes. Some of them you will have noticed, some probably not so much. We have had features of the website come and go, changes
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Unused Space In Your Home (SP)

July 17, 2014 in Home by Tamsin Howse

This post is sponsored by Super A-Mart Do you have any unused space in your home? I do. In fact, I have quite a bit of it. And by unused, I mean not used well. Some of it is being used as storage (by which I clearly mean it’s full of crap that should really be sorted, given away or thrown out) and some of it I just haven’t got around to sorting into any kind of usable space. Like the library, for instance, which just looks pretty but there’s no where to actually sit down and no one ever
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I Still Believe in Bigfoot

July 17, 2014 in Anecdotes, Children by Tamsin Howse

OK, I'll admit it – when it comes to Bigfoot I'm a great big nerd. I don't know what it is about Bigfoot that has always captured my imagination, but the obsession has gone back as far as I can remember it. From being read stories about Edmund Hillary in the Boy's Book of Exploration by my dad as a little kid, to renting every video I could get my hands on that related in some way to the yeti (my favourite of these was aptly named Bigfoot and is lesser known than it's Henderson loving cousin), to watching Unsolved
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What’s Wrong With Polygamy?

July 15, 2014 in Dating, Family, Human Rights, Marriage, People, Relationships by Anonymous

I was reading through a heated debate on Facebook recently regarding the topic of marriage equality. The protagonist of the argument was stating that gay and lesbian marriages were un-Australian and shouldn’t be allowed. He went on to use the fallacious debating technique of the slippery slope. To quote: “If we accept gay and lesbian marriages, what is to say that any consensual adult relationship isn’t equally valid? It is the slippery slope to accepting polygamy.” While the statement was clearly intended to win points against those supporting equal marriage rights, and the debate pretty quickly settled the matter as
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