TamsinHowse2015Hi! I’m Tamsin and KiKi & Tea is my digital home.

This is my online lounge room, complete with tea (or wine), chocolates and your best mates.


I am a redheaded conflux of calamity married to the Viking, stepmother of 1 and mother of 2 cats.

I write because I never stop talking and am passionate about encouraging people to consider a different opinion and change their point of view.

I love hearing your stories and engaging in your life.

On KiKi & Tea you’ll find tips and tricks, habits and hacks and a hell of a lot of opinions.

So kick off your shoes, grab a cuppa, settle in and let’s get personal.

xx T.


Contact Me

Email: tamsin@kikiandtea.com
Twitter: @KiKiandTea
Instagram: @TamsinHowse
Facebook: Facebook.com/KiKiandTea
Mail: Tamsin Howse
PO Box 1713

I’m happy to collaborate with brands to tailor make a communication strategy for your message to connect with our audience. I strongly believe in transparency, authenticity and abide by word of mouth marketing standards. If your brand is a good fit with my audience I would love to collaborate with you!

Please contact me for options and rates.