Can You Take A Compliment?


Can you take a compliment or do you try to brush them off or put yourself down?

As the Viking & I were parting from someone we’d only recently met, I made some joke about being a natural blonde and our friend, who is a psychologist (and therefore has the ability to see right into your soul… or so I’ve been told), said “you don’t give yourself enough credit for your intelligence”. I made a face. The Viking then interjected with, “THAT’S THE FACE! That’s the face I was telling you about! The one she makes when she can’t take a compliment.” I then tried to hide the face I was pulling only to have him exclaim, “and that’s the other one!”


Turns out when someone compliments me on something and I’m uncomfortable about it I have “faces” I make to deal with it.The first one involves an awkward smile and the second one has wide eyes and pursed lips. Like this:


PS: My eyebrows look so much better now than they did then!

Many people don’t seem to notice me doing it and I think I’ve figured out why – they don’t expect it.

You see, most people have trouble accepting compliments about the way they look or a talent they have. They are insecure about their bodies, or secretly believe they are unattractive and will never look good to anyone, therefore they shouldn’t even care. Or they are actually really proud of a talent they posses, but insecure that it isn’t as good as they think and it’s hard for them to acknowledge it.

Me? I have no issue with those things. I know what I look like, I have a mirror, and I know what I’m good at. These are just facts and they can be very easily quantified and, I might add, are as a result of nothing I did. I was born like that. So I don’t have any issue accepting compliments for my looks, drawing, or computer skills.

I also know what is not so great. I got my father’s chin and my profile just isn’t my best angle. Instead of laughing I make a weird array of animal noises. I can’t catch a ball to save my life and although I can sing, I am never going to be a superstar.

My intelligence, on the other hand, well, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

I know I work hard, I’m efficient, accurate and I do a great job. I don’t have any doubt about that, but am I smart? Hmm… Not sure.

It’s one of the only things I’m insecure about. Compliment me on it and you’ll cop one of the faces mentioned above.

Can you take a compliment? Is there anything you are insecure about?

  • Gary

    Fortunately I don’t receive compliments on looks. My mother reminds me regularly I’m an ugly bugger lol
    As far as my work ethic, knowledge and intelligence are concerned, I occasionally will receive positive comments and as I get older I try to accept them and mention that the person who said the nice things are very kind…and then I laugh like a hyena ?

    • Tamsin Howse

      Haha! The laughing like a hyena cracked me up!