Creative Services

KiKi & Tea Creative was founded by Peter & Tamsin Howse to meet the growing needs for creative website solutions, blog design, migration and the creation of an e-commerce store from an Australian based team.

With a Master’s in Software Design and a Diploma in Fine Arts, Peter & Tamsin are your go-to team.

Website Creation

Are you looking for a static website with contact information, images, text, links and not much more? Our rates for a static website start at $200 for the design and $200 (plus costs) for registering the domain on your behalf.

Blog Design

I know what I want

If you already know what you want including the theme, design, functionality, logo, sidebar icons, plugins, etc, and just need us to put it together for you, our rates for creation start at $500.

I’m not sure and want to talk it through

If you need help with the concept and design of your blog, our rates start at $300 per consult. You are then welcome to take our advice and go with someone else, or continue on to purchase the creation of your blog.

Blog Migration

Moving from Blogger to Self Hosted WordPress

Moving from Blogger to Self Hosted WordPress can be a scary concept. If you’d like us to help, our prices start at $300.

Moving from to Self Hosted WordPress

If you’d like help moving from to self hosted WordPress, our prices start at $275.

Creating an eCommerce Store

If you’re looking to sell direct to your consumers, an eCommerce store is the way to go. eCommerce store prices are available by request.

You will need a website to link your store to, if you don’t already have one you may wish to take advantage of the other services we offer.

Custom Site or Blog

If you wish to have a site coded completely from scratch, contact us to discuss options.