Tuesday Tips: 8 Tips To Get Over a Cold Fast

timeline baby sneezing
Timeline of a sneeze

Today’s Tip: 8 ways to get over a cold or flu (fast)

Are you feeling run down, still battling the winter body blues? Here are a few simple tips to keep bugs at bay and help you heal faster! (See a doctor if you feel it necessary, of course!)

  1. When you have a cold, a sore throat or flu-like symptoms, avoid dairy. As gross as it sounds, it’s mucus forming. Nobody needs extra snot running out their nose, down their throat as a postnasal drip or sitting on your lungs, needing to be coughed up. Avoid dairy. Your throat may be sore and soft foods are on the menu, but try and avoid yoghurt, ice cream and custard.
  2. Ixnay on the ugarsay. Sugar increases inflammation in your body, which is the last thing it needs when your immune system is trying to fight off the dreaded lurgy. Double reason to avoid ice cream or ‘sweet poison mucus’ as I’ve been known to call it!
  3. Drink lots of fluids- water of course, fresh juices (not concentrate, too much sugar) and warm water with lemon & cinnamon. When your throat and tonsils are giving you hell, but your stomach screams, “feed me”, check out soup, porridge, noodles and pureed fruit.
  4. Natural remedies are good. Hit up the Vitamin C, Echinacea, garlic & horseradish tablets.
  5. Not getting enough decent nutrition? Running on junk or takeaway? Invest in a pack of Nature’s Way ‘Super Greens’ plus. This is a bright green powder with 81 ingredients including super foods, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals and has TEN serves of vegetables per TWO teaspoons! Just dissolve in water or a non-acidic fruit juice like apple juice, and you get a super veggie boost with so many added extras. I swear by this stuff.
  6. All blocked up in the head? Steam inhalation with either eucalyptus oil or Vicks in it, salt-water nasal lavage, and salt water gargling will absolutely help put your throat back on the path to being pain free and your nose being able to breathe freely.
  7. Also: rest up where possible. ‘Soldiering on’ is not always the answer. Sometimes your body comes first.
  8. Finally: it never hurts to have Lemsip in the cupboard, panadol, hot water bottle, Vitamin C and Paw Paw ointment for that red, Rudolph like nose. Take it easy- and try to avoid public places for a couple of days!

What’s your best tip for getting over a cold fast?


  • 26 Years & Counting

    The super greens sound good! I hadn’t heard of that one. I think one of the most overlooked ones (that you included) is just resting! Let your body do its job and fight it. I blame the codral ads for people not doing that.

    • Maree Talidu

      Seriously, it’s amazing stuff, in the health food aisle, I truly do swear by it & you only need a little bit each day to get a huge dose of all the good things we often forget our bodies need.

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