This Week: Busy Bees!

WIP Collage

I’ve been a very busy bee at work this week and, I have to tell you, it hasn’t been an amazing one. I kicked one goal work-wise but the rest of the week has been a bit BLAH.

WIP Collage

After being gluten free for almost 2 weeks, I had pancakes. It was amazing. It seems that a restricted diet doesn’t work very well for me – I spent the whole 2 weeks scoffing chocolate. Hmm. Something to think about!

I installed a hook on the bathroom wall for my hairdryer. I know that’s probably not exciting to some people, but it’s flipping amazing to me. And I did it on my own too. All part of my home improvement plans. Speaking of home improvement plans I am absolutely LOVING having my dressing table in my bedroom. I’m loving my new bedroom layout SICK and I can’t believe I didn’t do this years ago. It’s just so wonderful to sit down to do my hair and makeup in the morning. I’d forgotten how much I’d missed that.

As the Viking and I approached the cafe for breakfast on Saturday morning, we saw that someone had vandalised this sign from “Exciting New Store Opening Soon”… We laughed ourselves silly! And, to find out what we were laughing at, a couple with blue and purple hair sitting on the steps nearby had a look. They shook their heads and the guy said “Oh who would do that?” Yep… I got judged. But man, it was funny.

Bella decided she wasn’t content with just lying on me she had to put her face AS CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to my face. Which was quite cute. Also a bit annoying.

The Viking & I were looking at wine glasses and we saw this jewellery stand with mirror. I fell immediately in love with it and at $300 marked down to $100 I was tempted. The owner saw me looking at it and gave me a further discount. Score!

When I get my hair done I drop in to Zumbo and get some macarons. I always tell myself I’ll only buy 4 or 6 and I always walk out with 12. From this bunch the best flavour was Finger Bun. Then, of course, the obligatory “got my hair done” selfie.

This is a golden snub nosed monkey. I think I might explode.

The best thing I read outside KK&T this week was this piece on The Shake by Kelly Exeter “Pay the writer, you exploitative fiends!” which links with the piece we ran by Kelly this week.

This week we’ve talked about writing for money or fun, and whether paying bloggers something is actually better than nothing. We talked about the fine line between a fan and a stalker and why, thanks to tumblr, so many have crossed it. About keeping teenagers safe online and how to prevent, and deal with, bullying. I had a rant about how much I hate will-they-won’t-they couples on television, and Cupcake asked how we can expect men to treat us with respect when we don’t do it for each other.

My favourite comment was from Sonja on Women: Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

I have been thinking a lot about this lately – especially since I joined tumblr.
A lot of uses I follow are very aware of how women are reduced to objects in society and try to promote healthy Self esteem etc And those same uses (I’m guilty of it) will reduce male celebrities to just one piece of their anatomy. I don’t think its wrong to acknowledge that you find someone attractive, but I think there is a time and place, and it’s important to see someone for not just what they look like, but their personality and talents as well.

I think it’s also important to note that a person’s appearance gives NO indication of what that person can do. As humans, collectively, I think we have to start looking at the whole person, and stop seeing just the parts. If everyone can see other people as whole complex human beings (like themselves) we’d be much better off

Our most popular post was Is Working For Something Better Than Nothing? and I didn’t see anything on YouTube as I didn’t have time!

How was your week? Did you see anything on YouTube? 

  • SonjaLouise

    It’s so hard being on a restricted diet, huh?
    I regularly fall off my ‘lactose free’ wagon – because I love cheese and ice cream and chocolate :)

    • Tamsin Howse

      Lactose free would be the worst! At first I thought I had to do both, turns out I didn’t 😉

      • SonjaLouise

        I’m just glad I don’t have a diary allergy like my mum does. It means I can have a little lactose each day, whereas my mum can’t have anything that’s cow’s milk based…

  • melinka

    I’m about as capable of going on a restricted diet as I am at going to bed early enough to get more than 6 hrs sleep/night.

    Case in point, have just eaten grilled cheese on toast for lunch because a) fending off the blues, b) grilled cheese on toast. I had the same thing for dinner last night, though in fairness that was at 10.30 pm after getting home from work.

    • Tamsin Howse

      I’ve got the sleep bit covered! One thing at a time, eh? 😉