The Fine Line Between Fangirl and Stalker

Oh my God, it's evil cupcake!!
Oh my God, it's evil cupcake!!
Oh my God, it's evil cupcake!!

Oh my God, it’s evil cupcake!!

I am a self-confessed fangirl.

I like things. I like to like things. I like movies and music and books. I like actors and directors and authors. And within the confines of these areas, I am a bit of a fangirl.

With books, I’m obsessed with John Grisham and Elizabeth George. With Grisham’s books, I must buy them in hardcover, so I will buy them the day they are released. I will squeal with excitement when I find out either author is about to have a book released. I often devour them in a few days.

In the movie and tv show world, I am both a Trekkie AND a Star Wars fan. So when anything of either is announced, I get excited. Or rant about it. I’m looking at you George Lucas.

Then there are the actors. Oh the sweet, good looking actors. Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pine and my new like Benedict Cumberbatch. And the women too, I simply adore Helen Mirren and Dame Judy Dench. But at what point do you go from being a fangirl like myself, to being a stalker?

I have a Tumblr where I follow some really cool pages. Things like Bookshelf Porn, Cabin Porn, plus so many cat ones it’s ridiculous. I also follow some fan pages of both Hiddleston and Cumberbatch, mainly for the obscure but handsome pics they seem to find.

But it’s places like Tumblr, or other fan sites dedicated to their favourite celebrity, which at times scare the living wookiees out of me.

At the moment, Benedict Cumberbatch is travelling to various countries. He’s been in New Zealand finalising some things for the final in the Hobbit trilogy. From New Zealand it was then rumoured that he is was on his way to Japan. Completely fine right? Well kinda. This bit of information had taken the interwebs by storm, so much so that people began lining up at the airport in anticipation of his arrival.

So you are thinking, “So what? That even happened with the Beatles!” You are correct! But in 2013, when the world of technology has expanded so greatly, someone had actually set up a LIVE STREAM of Cumberbatch arriving at the airport.


I couldn’t believe it when I read this. He is just getting off a plane! He’s probably tired, feeling yucky (because long flights are zero fun) and he gets bombarded with people and cameras and a live stream!! There were around 5,000 people watching this live stream. And NO I was not one of them.

Is it just me, or is that super creepy? What’s even worse is that I read an article where someone had tweeted Benedict’s every move IN HIS OWN HOME. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

Now I like Mr Cumberbatch, and if he wanted a pash I wouldn’t turn him down, but I never in a million years would stalk his every move. I couldn’t even bring myself to go to a movie premiere to meet the guy!

Having said that though, I HAVE met the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, but that was in the confines of the concert arena and I certainly didn’t stalk them. Ahem.

At first the Tumblr posts seem innocuous enough. The gorgeous photos, funny stories, the occasional set pics. But the constant set pics, the ships, the obsessive fandom, even giving some of the celeb’s nether regions their own Tumblr blog (I kid you not) just seems all a bit too much, and a bit too … ICKY.

Time for a cull I think. When someone like me, who is gregarious and out there and often grosses people out finds something distasteful, you know there is something wrong with it.

Is there anything you have seen in the fandom world that has freaked you out? Ever participated in a particular fandom?

  • Carly Findlay

    I’m a huge fan! I’ve waited for savage garden outside their hotel when I was a teen.
    I’ve queued up for hours to see Darren hayes live. I’ve also flown across the country to follow a tour.
    But I’ve seen some fans who aren’t so nice. A little bit needy to be honest.
    And other fan girls can get aggressive if they don’t get what they want. A friend bought Darren tix from eBay and it was pretty last minute. They were posted to my place and we worried they wouldn’t arrive in time. When I asked my friend for my original ticket that I paid for, just in case the eBay ones didn’t arrive, her friend got angry and I feared for my safety. We was angry at the time it took for postage and also the that I wanted my ticket that I was entitled to, just in case.
    There’s so much more I could say!
    Overall I love being a fan and wrote a lot about it on my blog.

    • iamevilcupcake

      It’s the needy fans that give the rest of us a bad name. The ones that lose their minds and send death threats and abuse to the new partner of the celebrity, those who think they are the “soul mate” of a particular celebrity. It’s just super creepy.

      And I can get the whole lining up for hours thing to see Darren Hayes, well because really, he’s bloody awesome. I can understand movie première’s and such, but when that gets coupled with the obsessiveness that changes people’s personalities, (and it does!) that’s when I freak out.

    • Jodi Gibson

      Oh I love savage garden and Darren Hayes too! *fangirl*

  • John James

    Re Tumblr…

    I love Tumblr… it’s my favourite social media platform, and I also like it as a blogging platform… but I think it’s sad how little original material is posted on Tumblr…

    That’s why I like posting my Blog on Tumblr… I’m actually contributing new material instead of regurgitating stuff other people have posted…

    Slightly off-topic comment, I know, but I feel if more people used Tumblr for original material, maybe people would stop with the fangirl/fanboy pages…

  • John James

    I can be a completest when it comes to music and books – but I’m not really a fanboy… I’m not obsessed with the private lives of the rich and famous, but if I like your creative speciality, chances are I will try and consume everything you have… :)

  • Jodi Gibson

    Oh I’m a fan girl and have multiple crushes on actors, musicians and authors. At heart I’m still that 14 year old who fanatically plastered my walls with NKOTB posters and to think you met them *hyperventilates*…..

    • iamevilcupcake

      Actually Jodi I was sooooo disappointed with NKOTB. They barely interacted with their fans and when they did they made it feel like a chore. Once they got on stage they were fine though.

      BSB on the other hand were just bloody brilliant, they interacted with us all and made us feel good, and like they really appreciated us being there.

      Keep in mind, you have to pay for the privilege, so the least NKOTB could do was pretend to have fun.

      • Jodi Gibson

        Oh my childhood fantasy is shattered! :(

        • iamevilcupcake

          But! Jon gives the BEST hugs, and Joe is so bloody cute in person.

  • Rusty Hoe

    Seems to be happening more and more. I’m a fan girl too but there is a point where it goes from loving an actor/character, to where you’re reading on a site and it crosses that line and makes you go “whoa”. I really noticed the change recently with The Walking Dead (which I am rather addicted to) and the sites dedicated to one of the actors, Norman Reedus. People know every aspect of his day-to-day goings on. It’s just freaky. Like the show. Like the actor. But step back to reality people.

    Oh and I have to agree Benedict Cumberbatch is rather fine.

  • Melissa Savage

    Completely agree. I love being a nerd and unashamedly loving the things I love, and if my favourite actor/princess is in town I will turn up at their public appearances. Note: PUBLIC appearances. The ones where they open a building or do a book signing or appear on a TV show. You know, things that are part of their job.

    When they are at the airport or in their home or going to the bathroom (did you see Wil Wheaton’s blog the other day about a dude with a stack of photos he wanted signed who was not only waiting for him when his plane landed but followed him into the toilet – fark!) they are not at work, they are not on duty and they are under no obligation to be nice to you.

    Yes, you read that right, I did say princess. In 2005 I lined up to see Princess Mary when she visited my university. I’m a royal geek on top of all the other things.

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  • Feminista:

    Hi I used this as an example of a rant about fangirls for my English essay. Hope you don’t mind, I’m just gunna annotate what types of persuasive techniques you used! BTW, I <3 your blog.
    *fangirls*. lol.

  • Teriyt43

    Finally someone with some common damn sense.