This Week: Overwhelmed


Is it the end of the year yet?


Today the Viking drove me to work and we were thinking about how much we have both changed over the past 9 years. It’s a lot. I don’t think we’d even recognise ourselves. And yet we have somehow managed to become closer. The man drives me completely up the wall, but a single evening away from him has me missing him terribly. Must be true love.


I’ve had so much work this week. I knew it would be the worst one, the first one without the manager and before the new staff members started. But it’s Friday now, and it’s going to be OK.

This Week’s Pic

My to do list. Enough said.


Around The Web

I loved this piece on Twitchy Corner wondering what cats did before the internet (spoiler: the same thing) and suggesting cats might have invented the internet. How do we know they didn’t?

Speaking of cats, this Viking cat hat made me laugh. Hard.

And more on the topic of cats (are you sensing a theme?) are these amazing pictures from the 70s of actress Tippi Hendren with her pet lion. I put one up the top.

On KiKi & Tea:

Jessica had a bit of a rant on building inoperable suburbs, I shared my tips on how to answer a business phone correctly, Maree mourned Phillip Hughes and Sally shared a summertime dinner recipe. Last weekend I couldn’t keep my mouth (fingers) shut about Shia LaBeouf’s rape and the comments were as varied as the ones I’d read that inspired the post in the first place.

How was your week?

  • Sally

    I know the “overwhelmed” feeling well. We’re both very overwhelmed caring for an elderly relative who lives 1.5 hours away (she’s had multiple strokes) and an injured post-surgery dog who must have constant supervision 24/7. P works full time and runs his own practice, I run two online stores and we’re both struggling with shock and grief following two deaths in the family. Add on top of that the legal implications of one of the deaths (no will = huge legal mess) so we’re running around trying to juggle appointments with work and dog supervision, not to mention that we seem to be funding everyone and everything at the moment so we’re very close to broke (but it’s okay because people think we make $250k a year…… We don’t.) Now we’re both insanely run down, neither of us are sleeping and P is constantly sick so I’m trying to look after him and cook lots of healthy stuff to pump some nutrients into him. We’re not coping and there’s no one to help us.

    • Tamsin Howse

      I feel for you so much!! Wish I could come over and help

  • John James

    I managed to get my Mojo back a bit this week… I actually went out and socialised, which is unusual for this classic introvert… I always forget how much impact being online can have, and it was nice to walk into a room full of fellow writers (aspiring or otherwise) and be recognised by a few of them… plus I caught up with a couple of online friends…

    Also had some really good writerly advice from a published author I talked to this week – one of those “a-ha!” moments – I think I might write a blog post about that…

    Only one more week (four more working days) until I’m on holiday for three weeks! :)

  • Jodi Gibson

    Yes, it’s that time of year. I’m doing pretty well now that I made it through November which is the craziest month of the year for us. Now it’s pretty much smooth sailing to Christmas, I hope. And I’ve even done my Christmas shopping. *grins*