This Week: Bring On 2015!


Hello lovely readers and welcome to our first This Week post of 2015. Can you believe we’re already three weeks into the new year? I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for what 2015 brings! Even though 2014 was the year I got married, there were a few more hiccups than I would have liked last year, so I’m hoping for an amazing year. Hopefully one that involves a European holiday!


In the early hours of Christmas Eve, my poor little car was written off in an accident for simply being parked on the street (obviously that’s not a best, it was a massive worst). The reason I am mentioning this in my best is that I am FINALLY at the end of all the back and forth calls to my insurance provider and multiple visits to the RTA to cancel the registration of my car, register my new car that I have been able to buy off a family member and all of the many distractions I have had since the accident. Seriously, getting your car written off involves a lot of admin. To extend on that best, I have a new car!


I’ve been back at work for three weeks now and I’m already starting to miss holidays. It’s been a very busy beginning to the year which seems to happen everywhere and I’m seriously hoping my workload lessens very soon. It’s left me feeling a bit exhausted so I’m hoping this Australia Day long weekend will be one of rest and binge-watching television shows! On a slightly related sidebar: I recently finished watching all of How I Met Your Mother again and for those who have seen it, I’m still emotional about the ending! It makes sense and I “get” it, but it still makes me sad. What about you?

This Week’s Pic

For those who don’t know, I have the cutest rabbit in the history of the world: Albus Dumbledore aka Albie. He is a super affectionate rabbit and this is him giving me kisses. Coming home to his twitchy little nose at the end of a long day is just the best.

Around The Web

While this technically may fall into “last week” territory, I loved this Buzzfeed article that looked at what it would be like if Hermione was the main character of HP, it definitely gave me a bit of a laugh. I appreciated what Natalie Reilly on Daily Life said about Rosamund Pike’s outfit choice at the Golden Globes. While Rosamund made it onto my “didn’t love” list for the Golden Globes red carpet, this article raises a valid point about the overuse of the word “brave” when it comes to women’s fashion choices.

On KiKi & Tea:

This week, T spoke about why she doesn’t believe being grateful works, especially when it comes to comparing our situations to others, Cuppy gave some excellent tips about how to make your nail polish last (and having seen some of her nail polish collection, you want to take her advice) and Maree shared some of her favourite juicing combinations!

How was your week?

  • Tamsin Howse

    You do have a pretty damn cute bunny! I remember when I was a kid I desperately wanted a bunny as a pet, which is kind of stupid considering I already had cats and they were breeding cats so I had kittens once a year (greedy much?). But they seemed like such crap pets as everyone I knew who had a bunny couldn’t train it, could never have it inside, it wouldn’t let them hold it, etc. But now, everyone seems to have a well-trained cuddly bunny! And I want one again.

    My best this week is having a 3 4 day work weeks in a row! I had Friday off last week, Monday off this week and then there’s Australia Day. Whoo! The work is piling up and I’ve been here pretty late a few days, but anyway, holidays!

    My worst is period pain. Damn it! Damn it to hell!

    • Monique Fischle

      Albie is adorable! Growing up my only experiences with rabbits were feral ones who never wanted to be held, it speaks volumes of how important it his to handle them every day and train them.

      Yay for four day work weeks! I’m excited for my one next week. Period pain is the worst, I’m feeling for you!

  • Sally

    Best: We seem to have broken the back on Henry’s bacterial infection he picked up after he….well…..broke his back. He still needs 24/7 supervision though which is making life difficult.

    Worst: Picked up a family members ashes from the crematorium and tomorrow night is a family meeting to discuss what to do with them. I’m sure there will be at least one argument. Plus there’s been the never ending exhaustion of everything – work (last day off was Christmas Day), lack of sleep, neighbours from hell, trying to fit in hospital visits for someone 1.5 hours away, looking after an injured animal as well as another with dementia, P’s not been well and I’m damaging my TMJ more and more (thank you stress!) so the pain is slowly getting worse. Plus we’re in charge of the post-death paperwork for previously mentioned family member, power of attorney stuff for another family member and we’re burning through money paying lawyers and fees to sort all that stuff out. Have I mentioned the exhaustion?

    • Monique Fischle

      I’m so glad to hear Henry is slowly getting better, the poor thing!

      I hope there aren’t any arguments about the ashes, that’s the last thing you need. Just reading all the things you’ve had to do is making me feel exhausted, that’s awful! I really hope that you get some much needed rest soon.