Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Aren’t Devastated He Got Married


On Valentines Day 2015, Benedict Cumberbatch married his fiancee Sophie Hunter on the Isle of Wight.

If you believe the media, Cumberbatch’s fans (of which I am one) are beyond devastated, sobbing into our corn flakes, wishing harm upon his wife. We are said to be completely heartbroken. We are apparently lamenting that our Valentine’s Day has been completely and utterly ruined.

Well, media? You are wrong.

I’ve been pretty silent about this, purely because I thought it was ridiculous, but now it’s become a bit of a joke, and to be honest I’m a little pissed off. The media have, in their infinite wisdom, latched onto the tweets and comments of those who ARE devastated. Most of whom appear to be teenagers. But this is a minority.

The majority of us are so excited we could scream. Like REALLY happy. Benedict has made it clear in the past that he wanted to get married and have children. He wants to be a husband and father, so to see this happening for him is actually really exciting!

Have you seen the way he looks at Sophie? It’s so beautiful. Benedict adores her. Who doesn’t like to see that kind of love?

And on top of all that, the most exciting thing for me (even more than the wedding), is that he’s going to be a daddy! Sophie is pregnant with their first child and I’m so excited!

Let me explain it like this. You have a friend. You love that friend, and that friend has a dream of becoming a writer. One day, this friend comes to you and tells you they have a book deal. How do you react? Your friend’s dream is becoming a reality. Are you happy for them? Excited? Or don’t you really care and feign happiness for them?

It’s kinda similar here. Benedict is amazing with his fans. He stops, signs autographs and takes pictures. He does chat things where he sits and answers questions from the audience who are his fans, not the media. He is incredibly kind and gracious, and has given us little glimpses into his life. He is so friendly. He’s really lovely toward us, so why wouldn’t we be happy for him?

And let’s be completely and brutally realistic here, it’s not like any of us would have a chance in hell with someone like him anyway!

Having said all that, of course there are those that are that crazy, those that make the rest of us look bad. Like REALLY bad. There are conspiracy theorists out there that claim Sophie has tricked Benedict into marriage, and is faking the pregnancy. I’ve even seen some people saying that this is all a publicity stunt to garner Benedict the Oscar he’s nominated for. Really, people?? Where are your brains?

So here’s a little note for the media: going forward with your commentary on Benedict Cumberbatch, I would really appreciate it if you just stuck with the facts, and didn’t make all of his fans look like lovesick, ridiculous, human beings.

And a little note to those ‘fans’ who have decided that it’s all a sham, GROW UP. Seriously, all you are doing is making yourselves look utterly ridiculous, and you are making the rest of us look bad too. So just STOP.

What are your thoughts on the media’s reaction to celebrities and their fans?

  • iamevilcupcake

    The other thing which I wanted to mention but didn’t think of until after this was published, is the fact that he’s 38, a grown man, and quite capable of making his own decisions. We’ve never had cause to question his mind before, he’s not a rampant drug user, or alcoholic, he doesn’t do anything to make us question his sanity. He’s known Sophie for a long time, so I just don’t get what the issue is!!