Dear People Watching Marvel Movies

captain america

captain america

On the Friday of the long weekend, I went to the movies and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I’m a big fan of the Marvel universe, I love all the movies – Thor, Iron Man and of course The Avengers. Plus the X-Men movies (still waiting on a stand alone Deadpool movie!!) Even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of the Marvel movies, you would know one thing to be true:


Here’s an example (minor spoilers), at the end of Iron Man, you meet Nick Fury for the first time. At the end of Incredible Hulk, you see Tony Stark hinting at the Avengers. At the end of Iron Man 2, you see Agent Coulson (WOO HOO AGENT COULSON) arriving at the site in New Mexico where Mjölnir has hit after Odin banished Thor from Asgard.

It’s all linked people! Every single one of these movies is linked. Obviously because Iron Man, Hulk and Thor make up part of the Avengers, but even Thor the Dark World is linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (due out in August 2014).

So when the movie itself was 5 minutes from ending and people were starting to get up, I was shaking my head and questioning their sanity. I mean the movie hadn’t even finished yet, and they missed TWO EXTRA BITS!

Then when the movie had ended, more people started to get up.

Then after the first surprise scene MORE people started to get up.

Why come to a Marvel movie if you aren’t prepared to stay until the very end? You missed a really lovely bit which I’m not going to mention BECAUSE YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED. End rant.

Am I the only one that thinks people are silly for leaving before the credits have finished in a Marvel movie?

  • Mazi Grey

    And lets not forget the one shots.

    • Mitchell Osmond

      If you’re not familiar with the One Shots, you’d have less appreciation for Agent Sitwell in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

      • iamevilcupcake

        Grrrr Agent Sitwell …

  • Mitchell Osmond

    We also saw Capt America over the weekend, stayed until we’d seen the part after the first credits. My wife got up to leave and I told her to sit down as that was just the mid credits sequence, not the post credits sequence. She wasn’t much impressed!

    People either don’t know to stay until the end, or are obviously not as deeply into it as we are! Bring on GOTG and Age of Ultron!

  • Tamsin Howse

    Thor. That is all.

  • Jessica Chapman

    I think there are levels of fandom going on, I went to see the recent Captain America and left before the end of the credits, because I was tired and wanted to go to bed more than I wanted to wait around to see the end of credits scene. But I see Marvel movies as more of a diversion than a must see, I do tend to enjoy them though.

  • Melissa Savage

    I stay to the end of the credits in almost any movie because I love movies and everybody in the credits worked hard on the movie and I like to show them respect. But OMG the idiots that leave Marvel movies early. Why are you even there!?! You KNOW this is a thing by now…