My Type of Holiday

I have had a "real" holiday. Here is proof! A beach in Noumea.
I have had a "real" holiday. Here is proof! A beach in Noumea.
I have had a "real" holiday. Here is proof! A beach in Noumea.

I have had a “real” holiday. Here is proof! A beach in Noumea.

This time next week I will be no doubt running around like a headless chook. You see, next Friday is my last day at work for three whole weeks!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am by this. My last break was March, and while that was two weeks off, and very relaxing, spending 20 hours a week travelling to and from work gets to you.

Or course, I’m telling anyone who will listen, “I’m having three weeks off from the 11th”. Most people are happy and excited for me (instead of wanting to punch me in the head for bragging), but the single most common question is “Are you going anywhere special?”

Well no I’m not. I can’t afford to. Which is completely fine. I’m a homebody through and through so the idea of spending 3 blissful weeks at home doing whatever I want is my definition of nirvana! But the look of confusion on people’s faces when I say I’m spending it at home is getting ridiculous!

I do realise it seems strange to spend three weeks at home. Most people would actually be going somewhere if they had that kind of time off work. Spend a week at home and a couple of weeks somewhere sunny. Go interstate. Long weekends away.

I’m staying home and sleeping in. No setting of any alarms. I can have a leisurely coffee or two. Make delicious breakfasts. Read the paper.

I can catch the bus to the beach and spend the day reading a book. Or I can curl up on my couch and read a book. I can watch as many episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation as I want!

I can go to the movies. I can visit friends and family. And if I’m feeling sleepy I can curl up with both my cats and have a delicious nap.

To me, three weeks leave is all about refreshing myself. Taking time to relax, catch up on sleep. While I would kill to do that on a beach in Hawaii, there is always something more appealing about sleeping in your own bed.

And on top of all that …. NO WORKING FOR THREE WEEKS! YEE HA!

Ahem. Sorry about that. You’d think I was excited or something.

If you have time off work are you happy to spend it at home? Or do you prefer going away for your holiday?

  • John James

    *nods head*

    We are like holiday twins! My holidays are just extended weekends. Spending time at home with R and the cats. Writing. Reading. Listening to music. Going out for walks. Going to our favourite cafes for lunch or brunch or breakfast. Walking down the local beach for some calamari and chips, or a burger. Chilaxing!

    The thing is, R and I love where we live. We love our little flat. We love the suburb we live in. It has everything we like, and everything we like to do. Staying home allows us to spend time together doing the things we like to do without all the hassle of travelling and staying in strange places and strange hotels and suffering homesickness.

    And that’s not saying that people who love to travel have got it wrong – of course not – if travelling is your thing, go for it! I’m quite happy to live vicariously through you while I sip my hot chocolate in my local cafe! 😉

  • fender4eva

    Enjoy, Cuppy. No doubt, you’ll be blitzing Twitter ?….. 😀

    • iamevilcupcake

      So much that you’ll get sick of me!

  • melinka

    It sounds wonderful. WONDERFUL. I’m having some time off in December, but a) I’m moving house, b) it’s Xmas (cue much gnashing of teeth) and c), I have to fit in a conference that I don’t really want to go to! I’m going to try very, very hard to have a few days at home, to myself.

    I would dearly love right now to have just one day at home where I don’t have to go anywhere or have a list of jobs to do!!

    Have a blissful relaxing break, you lucky duck 😉

  • Maryann

    I love to travel but I have also had many holidays at home. Both have their advantages. I am looking forward to Christmas as I will have 2 weeks off when the uni closes. I will mostly stay home and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

  • Tamsin Howse

    I’ve always been hesitant to take time off work to spend at home. I think a lot of that is guilt – I would find it incredibly difficult to not feel like I should be DOING something. But it does sound deliciously indulgent to spend time at home.

    The Viking has 3 months before he has to go back to work and I think he’s been looking forward to the time at home as much, if not even more, than our time overseas. I’m very jealous.

  • Haven Maven

    Cuppy!!!! I missed you!!!

    Want to catch up during your holiday? x