This Week: Easter Eggs and New Contributors

WIP Collage

It’s been a bit of a weird week for me, and apparently the weather agreed with me – going from muggy and hot to freezing in about 20 minutes, then back again. But I’m still here, so that’s got to be good right?

It’s been an exciting one for the site as we welcomed two new contributors Caroline from Present Imperfection and Rachel from Parenting Central. I’m excited to see the site growing and am looking forward to welcoming a few more contributors soon.

On to my week in pics:

WIP Collage

The pics: I discovered Ferrero Rocher makes easter eggs. I must have them. Sadly it turns out they’re only available online. My parent’s cats – the story behind this picture is that Ra is 12 years old (he is my Bella’s older brother) and Sara is their new kitten. Earlier the day this pic was taken Sara hurt her paw. Ra is comforting her.

I’ve been juicing and this was one of my concoctions – it is kale, broccoli, cucumber, celery, lemon, lime and ginger. It hurt your face and was the most unnatural colour I’ve ever seen. That’s a melon. It was on the table in the staff room at work. I didn’t even ask. I love pancakes with lemon and sugar. A glass of milo with milk (thanks to Leah_Loves_ for that phrase).

Tea with friends (in my favourite tea set). I’M GOING TO PROBLOGGER! And I feel a bit sick. Speaking of unnatural colours (see above juice) the roses in my garden are the MOST FLURO shade of pink/red I’ve ever seen. It blew out the colour on my phone. My cats spent Sunday following me around and sitting like this near the kitchen door, outside hanging out the washing and a few other places. I felt like I had an Egyptian guard.

It might be a bit odd, but I absolutely LOVED this outfit of the person I was walking behind so I took a picture. The maroon skinny jeans perfectly complimented the leopard print jacket and the blue bag made the whole thing pop. Probably helps that this girl has the most amazing hair.

This week on KK&T we discussed Jessica Rowe’s botox and whether or not My Body, My Choice is too simple, why teachers should be paid more and that would probably lure more high achievers into the profession, JJ’s opinion on the next pope, and who he wishes it would be, when acts of kindness become all about promoting yourself rather than the act, and when a nickname is so much more than that. Russell finally declares his love for Holly on Dumped, Bek tackles the issue of pocket money, Jessica links a beautiful building with a beautiful woman, JJ brings an agenda to the table (or rather he doesn’t) and my list of things so boring they should be free.

The best post I read outside KK&T was this post by Carly Findlay with the tip “invest in those who invest in you”. A tip I think we can all apply to our lives, no matter what.

The most popular post on KK&T was I’m Praying for Pope Stephen.

My favourite comment was by Jessica Chapman on My Body, My Choice. Our Community, Our Choice:

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a second. Is Jessica Rowe’s choice to use botox actually harming no one? Because it could be argued that her choice as a trusted newsreader to use cosmetic procedure does affect the choices and self esteem of other women. The normalising of using botox and other cosmetic surgery sends a clear message- as a woman you can be smart but you better be good looking too and young looking at that. When it comes to women beauty comes before wisdom/ age. Is that not a harm on the self esteem of other women?

Now I don’t actually believe that Jessica’s choice is affecting people that much, I more believe that it’s a symptom of the wider social value on looks. I actually agree that an individual does need to consider their actions in a broader social context. And I think as a society in general we agree to some extent; that’s why there is extra tax on purchasing cigarettes, so that smokers can pay for their extra need for health care. I don’t know if in the future sometime there might be a similar taxation of ‘junk food’. (However in my experience being overweight isn’t always as inextricably linked with diet and exercise as most people think it is).

I just think when you introduce a question of what is good for the wider community there will be differences of opinion on what is good/ bad for the community. This doesn’t mean we should disregard the question, but further examine where the line should be drawn between the rights of an individual and the rights of a community.

I’m lusting after a juicer, still. We borrowed one from a friend and I think I’m convinced I need one now.

Best thing I saw on YouTube is this “After Ever After” Disney song. Beware: It may ruin some of your favourite Disney movies.

How was your week? What did you read or write? Got any YouTube videos to show me?

  • John James

    Wow! Only the 2nd time I’ve ever had the top weekly post on KiKi & Tea (I think… maybe third), believe it or not!

    Go Team KiKi! 😉

  • Jane (@jatosha)

    Lovely wrap-up Tamsin. It’s nice to see the site growing, with the addition of new contributors – love Caroline’s writing. I always enjoy reading the posts here, and would love to contribute too one day :)

    I’M GOING TO PROBLOGGER TOO!! Yippeeeee! So exciting! So daunting! Will be great to meet all the peeps I’ve met online 😀

    PS You totally need a juicer.

    • Tamsin Howse


      Bought a juicer over the weekend 😉

      Where are you staying at PB?

      • Jane (@jatosha)

        Yay for the juicer! Contribute? Ooh really?! Perhaps I shall! :)

        Staying at Q1 with my sister – oh what fun it will be! Where are you staying?

        • Tamsin Howse

          I don’t know yet. I’m hoping to find someone to share a room with but there aren’t that many people I know well enough to share a room with!!

  • Carly Findlay

    Thank you so much for mentioning my post!
    I love that coloured juice! Amazing!
    Welcome, Caroline and Rachel :)
    That melon was strange!

    • Tamsin Howse

      I actually walked into the staff room at work and exclaimed “What the hell is THAT?!” when I found the melon. So, naturally, I took a photo.

  • John James

    This is the stuff that came our of my head on other sites this week:

    On my personal blog I wrote about the state of Australian cricket and the whole Homework-Gate thing.

    And over at the New Music Revue, I posted a beginners guide to Philip Glass.

    What did you guys write about this week?

  • Leah

    Thanks for the name check Tamsin!

    Love the photo of the two cats:) So sweet.

    • Tamsin Howse

      Always give credit where credit is due! :)