How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name?



A friend of mine wants to start a blog, so she’s been discussing it with me. Of course our first task is to come up with a name and, honestly, so far we’ve been having a bit of a joke. I may have suggested “Without my Pants” as the original plan was for a fashion blog. But it got me thinking, how does anyone come up with their blog name?

My first blog’s title was Artificial Intelligence. My little joke as I’m a blonde who dyes her hair red, based on an artwork I did as my final major piece at the end of my Diploma of Fine Arts. Later on I changed it to Confessions of an Undomestic Goddess, and that’s the title most of you knew.

That title was based on the book for Sophie Kinsella and again a dig at myself for being, let’s be honest here, a little bit shit at cooking, cleaning, and basically keeping the domestic goddess tasks under wraps. My floordrobe is epic, I set my kitchen on fire making pasta, the laundry has only been clear of a backlog once in the 4 years we’ve lived here (which was actually thanks to my mum, who I consider to be the original domestic goddess as her house is always spotless and she never has a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed or eats McDonalds because she can’t be arsed cooking) and the house only gets cleaned once a fortnight… And that’s when I have a cleaner. 

This blog’s name came about as a play on the names of John James and myself. He left me a voicemail once (an amazing feat if you know him) which was changed in my voice-to-text converter to being from KK. Which I then changed to KiKi and insisted on calling him. Tea, of course, is a play on my nickname, T, and the fact that often people write while drinking tea. I then hand painted the artwork for the header combining a cup of tea with a typewriter, representing writing, and both a masculine and feminine image. 

But there are so many blogs out there and I wonder how they came up with their names. And, a lot of the time, kick myself for not thinking of it first. Blogs like Crashing Red, Life and Other Crises, Shop Me Chic, Blunt Delivery, Hyperbole and a Half, The Simply Luxurious Life, Fox in Flats, Styling YouCup of Tea and a Blog… I could go on forever, although my personal kicking myself moment is fox in flats as I’m always wearing flats and really wish I’d thought of that one. Andrea, watch out, I’m stealing your name 😉

What’s the story behind your blog’s name? 

  • Cate Brickell came about fairly simply – our front door is purple, and I write about our life

    • Tamsin Howse

      But it sounds so mysterious!

  • Mrs Chasing the Donkey

    Ahhh what a cool post. I find this fascinating, mine is and it’s called so as I saw donkeys in Croatia and wanted one, then I wanted to to move to Croatia, so hunny said ‘you’re just chasing that donkey’. With the move to Croatia, it seemed appropriate to called the blog so.

    • Tamsin Howse

      I love that! I think “chasing that donkey” should be a phrase for chasing your dreams. I’m going to start using it!

      • Mrs Chasing the Donkey

        Damn… i better trademark is stat.

        • Tamsin Howse


  • iamevilcupcake

    Evil Cupcake started on Twitter. I wanted a really cool Twitter handle, as Mandi_Girl just wasn’t cutting it! I wanted something that reflected me, something that was considered sweet and innocent (cupcake) but had an “evil” side.

    It really suited me, so anything else I started like Tumblr, and my blog became “iamevilcupcake”. My blog is My blog is a personal blog, all about me and my life, so it’s fitting.

  • Frockabilly Freakout

    Frockabilly Freakout came about literally from asking people on Facebook. I knew I wanted to start a blog and I knew I wanted ti to reflect my love of rockabilly fashion. Someone suggested “Frockabilly” which I LOVED but thought was lacking something. So after sitting on it for a while I was listening to music when Psychobilly Freak Out came on and I knew that Frockabilly Freakout would be it!

  • 26 Years & Counting

    Mine was to mark a new step in my life – self exploration, a central place for writing. And it’s grown to be so much more to me since then with all the new friends I’ve made in blogging over the past few years. I have had websites or written online in some format for about 10 years, but usually just using my name, not a branded name.

  • Sherrie

    I wanted a blog name that identified with my deafness and my love for travel. Thus, I Sign. I Wander. was born! I Sign = I use sign language to communicate. I Wander = I have a serious case of wanderlust.

    • Elise

      Can you give me the link to your blog? I’m a sign language interpreter in New Zealand and I’d be interested to read your blog. iSign is the name of the agency I work for!

  • Kerri Sackville

    Ha! Great post. Life and Other Crises was the name of my first newspaper column. I was told I could write about whatever I wanted, so I decided I’d just write about life… and all the other crises that I experience every day!

  • Glenda Bishop

    My blog is The name Healthy Stories has 2 parts. ‘Healthy’ is because I want to teach people how to be healthy through nutrition. ‘Stories’ is because I wanted to teach through writing and the telling of stories. The name also represents how people need to create their own healthy stories as they progress on their journey to health, so my tagline is “creating your healthy story one meal at a time”.

  • One Small LIfe

    One Small Life came from a piece I was writing, reflecting on my life and where it was at. It resonated and I started using as a handle around the place. When I was finally brave enough to start my blog it felt right, and still does.


  • melinka

    heh, I don’t have a blog, but my handle comes from… a newspaper. Zero points for originality 😛

    A girl was quoted in the article (and I can’t even remember what it was about) and her name was melinka. Which I thought was really pretty, as well as unusual.

  • fender4eva

    I’ve blogged but once and even then, shoesandyoga sublet it to me !

    It was along time ago……..

  • Melissa Savage

    Mine is a play on the title of a 90s TV show I never watched. It is SO hard to come up with a name. My only stipulation was avoiding some of the common clichés like ‘Musings of…’ and ‘Confessions of…’.

  • Miranda

    Mine is “A Jafa in Vancouver” – I thought long and hard about a name and couldn’t think of anything brilliant, but being an Aussie in Van, I’d heard a few fellow travelers describe themselves as “Just Another F****in’ Aussie” or “Jafa”!

    (I’ve only just gotten into it recently so am trying to post a bit more this year…enjoying it! Anyone who ever wants to share expat life stories please feel free to get in touch…I’m still finding my feet a bit having been here for 8 months)

  • The Blonde Tourist

    My blog The Blonde Tourist is quite literal.. I’m blonde and I love to explore (or “tour”) new places to eat, drink or visit in my city and beyond! And yet that still took a while to come up with as many names I thought of were already taken. I figure at least it can be shortened to BT and has some sort of branding potential. It’s a work in progress 😉

  • greatgoogamoogas

    Mine came about from when we first had internet at home, back in 2001. We were trying to come up with an email address that was a bit different to the standard name ones. We’d recently seen the movie Evolution and there is a scene where Orlando Jones’s character see’s the evolving creatures and says “Great Googa Moogas” and I went with that.
    I love it and find that a lot of people remember it as it is unusual.