This Week: Getting Excited

13-09-28 WIP

It’s really happening. I’m really going overseas. We’ve been talking about this trip for about 6 years, and we’ve been planning it for 3. This time last year we were truly starting to believe we would never make it overseas. But it’s booked. Our luggage is sitting in the library, and we’re almost ready to go. Admittedly it’s only half the trip we were originally talking about. But it’s happening, and I’m thrilled to bits.

The past week I’ve been so lucky to watch Hayley, Monique & Mandi take over the site and do a great job running it. They assure me they’ve been having a ball and they’re going to be running it while I’m away. I’ll try to keep you all updated while I’m away, but I can’t promise anything. I’m giving them a bit of free reign while I’m away, so things may be a little different and feel free to give feedback along the way. What you like, what you don’t, what you want me to adopt from them when I come back, what you’d like to see.

I’ve also spent the past week with Stepdaughter visiting. She’s growing up so fast. It’s crazy. We also had Lionel shaved in preparation before we go away (it’s easier to find ticks when he’s shaved). Now he looks like a squirrel.

13-09-28 WIP

As you know, I got my bathrooms upgraded a little bit and one of the things I did was replace all the taps. So, obviously, I had to run a bath and sit it in admiring the new taps and the massive difference they made to the overall feel of the bathroom. Downside: I can no longer take photos IN the bath because the taps are so shiny you can see a tiny naked T in the reflections (not in that pic, I wasn’t in the bath yet).

When doing loads of laundry on Sunday morning Lionel decided to sit in the laundry tub. I don’t know why, he’s never done it before, but I thought it was quite cute. Also he’s all fluffy. And those are the taps that used to be in the bathroom. You can see why I changed them, right? So with Lionel sitting in the laundry tub the bed was free for Bella to invade. And invade she did. So I lay in bed in the sunshine staring at her, as you do.

Sunday night Stepdaughter arrived. I captured this candid moment as the Viking was welcoming her back into the house (she loves the work I’d done on her room, and on the bathrooms). I don’t include many pics of the Viking on purpose, but I had to include this one as it was so beautiful. The look of absolute bliss on both their faces is priceless.

Tuesday morning saw me late into work after getting a tetanus shot in preparation for my upcoming trip. I realise the US does not have a higher rate of tetanus than here, but I also haven’t had a shot since I was 4 and going to school for the first time. So it was well over due and the Viking used it as an excuse to make me get one. PS: My bum still hurts (the doctor gives me shots in my upper bum/low hip because it has more fat on it). Then on the way in to work I saw a woman wearing these leggings. LOVE!

Lionel got shaved to help protect him from ticks (the vet recommended we not shave Bella as she may be so upset about it, she may induce a stroke) and he looks like a squirrel. Stepdaughter spent some time consoling him, and he’s fine again now he’s used to it.

I discovered Lovisa and bought these stackable rings (these ones and these ones – no affiliate links) and also that fake engagement ring. Which I’m considering taking to the states. My excuse is if I get mugged I would rather a fake ring stolen. But really I just feel like having a MASSIVE ring for funzies. I think I’ll take both.

And there’s Bella feeling insecure because Lionel got shaved, and I went away for a weekend, and Stepdaughter is in the house, and oh dear life is hard for her.

The best thing I read outside KK&T this week was this piece from Carly Findlay. Sure, she’s one of our contributors so maybe it’s poor form but the way I see it – good writing should be shared! It’s titled What I See When I Look In The Mirror and I need to share this sentence with you: “I believe it’s ok to be proud of our appearance if we have a visible difference or disability. We should celebrate our beauty by taking pride in ourselves.”

Only I think that doesn’t just apply to Carly, or anyone with a visible difference. I think it applies to everyone.

This week on KK&T we talked about how I always thought when I grew up I would start to care about things like making my bed or ironing… but I don’t. Monique wrote about the inescapable diet that seems to be following everyone. Hayley wrote about taking hate reading to the next level. Our brand new beauty blogger Michaela (YES, that needed bolding) gave us a guide to sloughing off skin for summer. And I asked for everyone’s travel advice.

My favourite comment was from Happymum:

I think GOMI is a great place to vent. I like it there most of the time. I don’t like it when people pull others appearance apart or being downright nasty, but it is important to discuss (vent) why a site or a blogger is making you feel that way. There are some very interesting and intelligent discussions about what people put out there (forever) on the internet. It has certainly changed my views on bloggers showing their children off for cash and freebies. I used to think blogging was all pretty harmless, but the “blogger” generation has not yet grown up to adulthood. And what happens when they decide that they don’t want their pictures and life out there on the internet? I find it fascinating, and wonder what will happen in the future!
Some websites need to take a hard long look at GOMI as there can be some good advice on what not to do. And since it is “New Media” it needs to be as accountable and transparent as possible. I love a little dose of snark and I love that there is a place that people can say what they like without moderation. Free speech and all!

And our most popular post was Taking Hate Reading to the Next Level.

How was your week? Read anything good? 

  • Melissa Savage

    I’m so excited for you! I didn’t take my first overseas trip until I was 23 (I realise that is still super lucky; my brother is 29 and has never left the country and Jelly’s first trip overseas was with me when he was 27) and I felt like I had waited an eternity to do it.

  • Rah!

    Can you post a tutorial on how you shaved Lionel? I want to shave my Elvis purely so that there’s less fur on my clothes, in the bed, on the kitchen bench…. URGH.

    • Tamsin Howse

      It would be a very short tutorial – I took him to the vet who sedated him and shaved him.
      I had to help once when he was covered in tiny ticks and it was kind of disturbing to watch.
      But it’s quite effective at reducing vacuuming (although Belle still drops fur everywhere)

  • John James

    Hey T,

    Despite everything that’s happened recently, I really do wish you and The Viking all the best for your trip. I know how much you guys have been planning this and looking forward to it… so enjoy the adventure…

    And Hayley, Monique & Mandi – I hope you guys have fun running KK&T – I know how much fun that can be, and I’m really looking forward to see what you guys come up with… (Yes, I still enjoy reading KK&T… despite everything, it’s still one of my favourite places to visit…)

  • Hayley Ashman

    T, I hope you have an absolute ball! Although I have to admit I stopped reading this for a little bit when I read ‘Our luggage is sitting in the library.’ YOU HAVE A FREAKING LIBRARY IN YOUR HOUSE!!!! Envious.

    • Tamsin Howse

      It’s only a small library! But with a total of 24 bookshelves in the house (full sized) it was hard to avoid having a library!

  • Carly Findlay

    Oh thank you for mentioning me! :) how lovely of you.
    I love those leggings too – are they by black milk?
    Your trip has come around very quickly – yay!!