This Week: HOLIDAY!

13-07-27 WIP Collage

This week coming I am taking a holiday. I know! I haven’t had a holiday apart from the times work is actually closed since… Um… A long time. I think since Christmas 2010. So I’m not only well overdue but well over my leave limit. And that means I’ve decided to take a week off. I’m not going anywhere, I’m hopefully just doing stuff around the house, and I’m not running any pieces on KK&T. That’s right – my holiday is the site’s holiday. No content for another week.

Don’t stop entering this competition to win one of 10 double passes to the Australian Teenage Expo, though, because I will be reading!

And on to my week (or weeks, because very naughty T missed last week’s wrap up) in pics:

13-07-27 WIP Collage

I had lunch with Kimba (KimbaLikes) and Catherine (Cup of Tea and a Blog) and little C. Catherine brought us rainbow cake! How epic is it? And I caught this beautiful moment between Catherine & little C. Kimba brought me these jeans she’d bought on sale which didn’t suit her, and they look GREAT on me, I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear them.

Mum & I went to pick up the bathroom furniture I want to put into my bathrooms to make them look like they’ve been renovated. That’s the vanity I’ve picked, but it won’t be as wide as that one, it’ll stop at her leg. That’s the basin we selected. Then we went out to lunch at my favourite restaurant (Bravo Trattoria Crows Nest). Mum had a go sitting on the fancy toilets. This is our delicious, amazing dessert at Bravos.

13-07-27 WIP Collage 2

Then on the Sunday we visited my in law’s place to say goodbye as it’s being sold. One of the activities in preparing the place to go was to strip all the lemons from the lemon tree with my nieces. Loved it. I like this car. So when your mother in law gives you lemons you make… 😉

Bella being cute and being absorbed into the sofa. I had a good hair day. This cat has been visiting our house every day and playing with Lionel for a bit then, when Lionel comes inside, she sits at the front door and cries non-stop for him to come back. It’s kind of weird, to be honest.

This morning’s sunshine was spectacular. And on the way home one day I was completely blown away by this dog because he was HUGE. So I had to stop to talk to him and his owner offered to take a pic of us. Look how big he is!

So this week my mother guest posted about the PNG “Solution” and why it’s not OK, Bek brought us the second part of her series on budgeting, you can read the first part here, focusing on tracking your spending and writing up a budget. We talked about streaking, and about the important difference between giving up and letting go. And yesterday I ran the first of a two part series talking about teens, this part was about respecting yourself, your body and others.

The best thing I read outside KK&T this week was a really tough call, but I think I’m going to have to give it to this post about gender-flipping.

Our most popular post was Giving Up Or Letting Go (last week it was this post about commenting BY FAR)

And I’m lusting after a good night’s rest.

How was your week? 

  • Not this time

    My week has been shithouse, TBH. Well, actually, it hasn’t, but I’m in the mindset where any little thing that goes wrong is only because I’m a failure. I’m useless, I’m worthless, I’m undeserving, and there’s no point trying to do anything because all that’s guaranteed is that I’ll fuck it up.

    • Tamsin Howse

      Oh I know that mindset all too well!! Deep breaths, it will pass and you’ll realise you’re actually very awesome and have done amazing things xxx

    • John James

      T beat me to it – I was going to say EXACTLY the same thing… I think you’re an awesome person too – I haven’t been on top of my game in recent weeks either (just ask T… she’s had to put up with heaps of crap from me…)

      But this too shall pass… :) xx

    • melinka

      Murghh, that is a horrible feeling :(
      It might sound trite, but I honestly do recommend chocolate as an immediate fix and something nice to do for a few hours (going to the movies, spending a few hours at the beach or on a walk), as a more durable fix. It won’t last forever, but you will feel more human again :)

      • Tamsin Howse


  • Kris

    I had a good week! I am a shocker for not planning holidays/leave as well. It was only when I got diagnosed and started getting treated for depression that I really started thinking about putting in for leave and thinking of stuff to do.

    I took KDot to Surfers – got my arrears of Family Tax Benefit so we flew up on Monday morning, and back on Thursday arvo.
    We got moved up to near the pointy end on the way up, and after we got to our hostel (we stayed at the Surfers Paradise YHA – 10 min walk from Sea World!), went into the main drag, and remembered why I hate Surfers. It’s like a big version of the Cross next to a beach. KDot and I shared a Ben and Jerry’s waffle sundae, which was nice. Then Woolies and back to the hostel, fish n chips for tea then bed.
    Tuesday we hit Sea World, which was fantastic. Immaculate, shows were good, we met and had a photo with Dora the Explorer, loved the Dinosaurs and the aquarium. Fed the stingrays – that wasn’t too pleasant (they were coming up right into K’s face, and the seagulls were VERY cocky!), but had a wonderful day.
    Wednesday we went to Currumbin Sanctuary, had a cuddle with a koala (included in my ticket) and checked out all the animals there, and watched the Free Flight Bird show, which was cool.
    In hindsight, I would probably have a rest day and have gone to Currumbin early on the Thursday – put bags in lockers at the airport early and head to Currumbin for the morning, then back to the airport for our flight in the arvo.
    On Thursday morning we walked around to Southport Broadwater Parklands to this awesome park (it has a Jumping Pillow – like a permanent jumping castle, but pillow shaped!) for a couple of hours before we went to the airport.
    KDot was a little trooper – she LOVED going on the aeroplane, was fantastically behaved there and back, and even when she didn’t have her regular daytime sleeps, she was well behaved and happy. She got a bit frustrated with the concept of eating out though, that Mummy tells the lady what we’d like to eat then someone cooks it and the lady brings it to us, but we managed to eat pretty well – only had Maccas for breakfast!

    • Tamsin Howse

      Sounds like a great holiday! I’m jealous! I keep meaning to go to the Gold Coast again I LOVE Dreamworld. At least I did, last time I went, which was a very long time ago!

  • SonjaLouise

    My week has been boring, overall.
    I’ve been away from uni for 6 weeks now, and it’s doing my head in!
    Come Tuesday, though, I’ll be back – and probably complaining about how I have far too much work to do.

    • Tamsin Howse

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

      • SonjaLouise

        Pretty much.
        I’m glad my uni does a 3rd session over summer – I don’t like the feeling of my brain going to mush!
        I do wish people would stop telling me how lucky I am to have all these breaks, because honestly I think I have too much time off. And spare time is bad for me…

        • Kris

          I hate the long breaks too. I am chomping at the bit to go back. We only have 3 subjects this semester, but one is a double subject – and 3 weeks full time prac at the end of semester. Quite a few people feel the same I think, because there are already people on our facebook group wondering about summer session subjects. I’m seriously considering doing a language – the summer break is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to not do anything brain-wise! I really want to learn Arabic, but the Language Centre here doesn’t offer it, and I can’t find anywhere. Yet. Maybe the WEA or somewhere will have it.
          We have bugger all of our education subjects available over summer, can you do your specific subjects or do you do random ones?

          • SonjaLouise

            We’re only allowed to do specific degree related subjects, but we have two forced electives during the course of our degrees – one has to be outside your school (eg. Institute of Early Childhood) and other has to be outside your faculty (eg. Faculty of Human Sciences) so we could do them over summer if we wished!

            I started my degree mid year last year, so all my subjects aren’t in the right order anyway, so I use summer to catch up so that I have few subjects in the actual semester time.

          • Kris

            We can do stuff from the rest of the uni, in 3rd and 4th year we have electives built in too. The summer subjects and other ones I’m interested in all have pre-reqs. I’d have thought summer would be perfect for language intensives.

  • John James

    My week has been like an emotional rollercoaster…

    Up, down, sideways – struggling with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, but at the same time feeling positive about other areas of my life.

    Watched a lovely movie calle Robot & Frank ( ) that I highly recommend.

    Also finally got Josh Pyke’s new album… highly recommend that too…

    Oh, and I got myself some business cards! They still make me laugh everytime I look at them (which was kind of the point to them… I do strange things like this sometimes just to entertain myself…)


    • Tamsin Howse

      You’ll have to give me a business card!

      • John James


        I’ll give you a few – I got 250 of them… no idea what I’ll do with them, but I figure they’re handy for those “Oh, do you blog?” conversations 😉

    • melinka

      lol … I had to hit the ‘see more’ button to see your card and I admit to being a little startled 😉

      I’ve heard Robot & Frank is a lovely film, so I’ll have to add it to my long list of films to watch. I’m still hanging in my shame for not getting to see the new Star Trek film at the cinema, a very sad state of affairs :/

      Maybe it was the full moon making everyone feel a bit crap this week? I dunno. When I get time… time, time, too precious a commodity … I’m going to invite all & sundry to join me at one of the Belgium Beer cafe things, while I spend an afternoon feasting on mussels & frites and enjoying a quiet LLB 😛 Just time to stop & not worry about anything for a few hours.

      • Tamsin Howse

        So many people felt a bit crap last week! This week too I think.

  • melinka

    Good on you T!! I would love to have a holiday … just pottering around at home, sleeping in EVERY DAY …. but that’s on hold indefinitely unless we suddenly need time off for family reasons. Fortunately, my workplace closes for 2 weeks at Xmas and forces us to take leave. While that’s not the most relaxing time of the year to take holidays, holidays shall be had! :)

    I’ve had a strange week. Fairly quiet at work, which makes me itchily uneasy. I fear an avalanche of work (and stress) to come. But it’s all systems go at home while we scramble to clean up the FIL’s house before he comes home from surgery (he’ll be using a walker for the first time, though hopefully not permanently). We’re also feverishly house-hunting for somewhere suitable for us all to live, as it’s unlikely he’s going to be able to live alone for much longer. I’ve never owned property before, so it’s all a bit stressful. Plus prices in my area have gone MENTAL. I think we’ll have to move a few postcodes over yet…

    Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday :) Looking forward to hearing about it next week.

    • Tamsin Howse

      The housing market is doing really weird things at the moment. In my suburb prices have skyrocketed but 2 suburbs over they’re really low.
      I was seriously tempted to sell my house and buy another one 2 suburbs away!
      Hope it all works out and a lull doesn’t always mean stress to come, spend the time regrouping :)