Letting It All Hang Out



I am not sure if it is an Australian habit, or something common to all nations, but streaking is in the news again after Serial Streaker, Wati Holmwood, decided to act as an un-jerseyed decoy runner at the deciding State of Origin test. With an evenly spread spray tan job he nuded up and dashed straight towards the play before tripping over and being pounced upon by yellow vested security.

Streaking used to be a big thing back when I was a child watching world series cricket. In the 80s nuding up and running out was dejour, the commentators would give points in terms of looks and and dodging techniques, the cameramen would follow and the offending member would often get away. Happy days.

In the 90s this was thought inappropriate, possibly interfering with the game or being not good for the kiddies. God forbid they see nudity. As a result, the pale runner was edited off the action and the commentators were not allowed to make too much fun. A vast change from earlier decades, anyone who has listened to the 12th man will know the joy of a good streaker joke.

Streaking also has a dark side though, when serial pest Peter Hore interrupted Australia’s world cup qualifier in 1997 (which Australia was leading 2-0) he broke the momentum and allowed Iran to equalise thus knocking us out of the World Cup, he had to be escorted out by police for his own protection.

Fines for streaking have increased tenfold since the 70s. What used to be a slap on the wrist is now a criminal offence. And forever captured on smartphones. Why streak? Is it the booze? The adrenalin? The attention seeking? I can’t say. Probably a bit of all of the above. but what used to be something common is now frowned upon heavily, and I wonder more why times have changed. Why are we taking it all so seriously?

I think my biggest problem with the modern streakers is they are just not as nice to look at. The 80s streakers were really good looking. Even in the 90s! One of my classmates, who later became Miss Nude Australia, did a dash. I guess the streakers now could just be the same streakers from the 90s, who have just gotten a bit older and saggier… albeit with a fantastic sense of body image.

Does streaking bother you? Is it all a bit of fun? Would it bother you if the streakers were really really good looking?


  • http://johnanthonyjames.com/ John James

    There’s a selfishness to streaking that I find really distasteful… When that guy streaked at Origin last week, the game was at a really crucial point – it was unlikely that The Blues could have scored a length of the field try to snatch victory, but it wasn’t impossible – when he interrupted the match at that point, all the energy was just sucked from the game… up until that point it had been a really engrossing match…

    So the end result was that this guy – for his own selfish amusement – ruined the end of one of the best Origin matches I’ve seen for a long time… he put his own desires ahead of the desires of the rest of us… that’s not fun, that’s just being a dick!

  • Tree

    Maybe it’s a voyeuristic thing. A kink or fetish. A compulsion. Like flashers.

  • WollyWally

    That’s a good look, I missed this, I wonder why he kept his shoes on? I am not a prudish, I just do not understand why do it in the middle of a big game, why broadcasted in TV , while kids might be watching, I do not think good looking body or not make a big difference, what I ask myself is “what the need for if”? Exhibitionism? :) LTA ooxx

  • fender4eva

    The first person who say’s he’s hot, is off my friend list !……

  • TeganMC

    My partner and I were talking about this the other day actually (7 hours in the car together with no radio produces some of the strangest convo topics) and he said he thinks it’s usually a dare. No self respecting (aka full of alcohol) bloke would turn down his mates when they dared him to do a nude run.