This Week: How Animals Eat Their Food

13-04-13 WIP

As you know, last week I was sick. I’m still on a restricted diet but I’m allowed solid food again (yay!) so Monday saw me attending work dizzy and weak, then Monday night I ate the best meal in the world and have felt heaps better since. I’m still not 100% and my stomach is probably only at about 70% alright, but I’m getting there!

Here’s my week in pics:

13-04-13 WIP

  1. First meal after fasting for 3 days. Best meal ever. 
  2. My childhood dressing table (pictured in my childhood bedroom). My parents want it out of their house so they can make that room a proper guest room, and fair enough, but it’s meant I’ve had to decide if I want to sell it or keep it. I was planning to say sell it because it was just too hard but after looking at it again the day I took this pic I remembered how much I love it and how desperately I wanted it back when they bought it for me. So I’ve decided to remodel my entire bedroom so I can have it at home.
  3. Tuesday’s coffee, made with soy, first coffee since the previous Monday. So needed.
  4. I love persimmons. I go crazy for them. I’m so excited it’s persimmon season!
  5. Bought these adorable slippers from Target for $17! How good are they? I got two pairs – one for the office and one for home.
  6. The “pets” I brought in to work for “Bring your (fake) pet to work day”.
  7. The cake for bring your (fake) pet to work day. It was red velvet so when we cut into it it looked like it was bleeding. Yep, everyone I work with is as weird as I am.
  8. The pets. The Macaw’s name is Zsa Zsa Gabor and when I said “Ha! Zsa Zsa Macaw” the owner (nickname Bang Bang) said he’d never thought of that. So I’m claiming it. I named it Zsa Zsa Macaw.
  9. My team with our pets.

The best thing I read outside of KK&T was this post about the power of positive thought (don’t roll your eyes) from Kate Says Stuff which may have finally convinced me to make a vision board. Like Kate I don’t believe positive thought is going to cure disease or make you a millionaire, but it does have some power and, at the end of the day, what have I got to lose?

So I’m planning to use the dressing table in pic 2 which has removable glass tops on each item of furniture and putting the vision board under the glass so it’s right there in front of me as I get dressed each day.

On KK&T we’ve talked about Tony Abbott and accepting (or not as the case may be) that he will probably be the next Prime Minister. We’ve talked about the unrealistic expectations you have before you become a parent, feminism and sandwich jokes, needing the approval of someone else for no apparent reason, the news having more bad than good (and why this upsets me), Blake got a bit frisky with an older woman, I shared my greatest fear, Catherine wrote about her mother and Margaret Thatcher, JJ is going bald and we shared some frequently asked questions from Cassie’s time working as a brothel receptionist.

Our most popular post was this post about fear, singing and becoming a mother.

My favourite comment was from MaryAnn on My Mother, Margaret Thatcher and Me:

I must admit that I am shocked by the bitterness and downright hatred unleashed with the announcement of Thatcher’s death. I think a lot of this is pent up anger at the current economic problems in the UK which in some ways mirrors her reign.

Love her or hate her she did have the courage of her convictions unlike our politicians today who are only interested in looking good in the polls.

I’m still lusting after this as cheese is currently on the banned list:

Mmmm... Pizza

Mmmm… Pizza

And the best thing I saw on YouTube was How Animals Eat Their Food and no matter how many times I watch it I almost pee myself. Seriously. You must watch this, it’s less than 2 minutes of your life you will want to relive.

And over to you – How was your week? Read or write anything you’d like to share? Come on, how good was that video?

  • Gaz

    It’s good you’re feeling better. Nothing worse than intestinal upset. I hope your recovery continues smoothly.

    • Tamsin Howse

      Thanks Gaz! I am hanging out for an unrestricted diet.

  • John James

    Curse you T for making me laugh at something I didn’t want to laugh at… *shakes fist*

    • Tamsin Howse

      I don’t see how anyone could resist laughing at it! I must have watched it 10 times already.

  • Leah_loves

    That video is hilarious! I made the mistake of watching it at work and then laughing VERY loudly so the whole office could hear. Oops.

    Glad you are starting to feel better!

    • Tamsin Howse

      Should have put a warning on it 😉