Shopping: Top Plus Size Picks from ASOS

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Welcome to 2013 lovely readers, and here’s my first fashion post. Today I’m sharing with you some selections from Asos Curve, sizes 20-26. I like Asos for its free shipping and good mark downs (they have a great 70% off section). I would love to see them make larger sizes, and have more items available in the Curve section.

Midi Skirt in Jersey $29.96

First up is a great addition to your basics, a pencil skirt. This skirt is made of soft jersey, and stretches so your movement isn’t hampered. Also, it’s comfy. I own this skirt and find it goes with a lot of things.

midipencilskirt Midi Skirt in Jersey $29.96

Peplum Top with Bow $29.13

This top is just the cutest. I love red, bows and peplums and this top combines all three. It reminds me of a Sailor Moon top.


Wrap Top in Galaxy Print $58.26

Galaxy print is in at the moment, and this top is gorgeous. I love the wrap style, it would look good with skirts or jeans (or whatever you wanted to wear with it).


Shirt in Spot Print $58.26

Here we have a nice polka dot blouse, perfect for wearing to work, or wherever your heart desires.


Red Spot Peplum Top $41.61

I love polka dots, and this bright red and white concoction with a peplum hem has made it to my saved items section already. Wearing this cute top would brighten everyone’s day.


Lace Skater Dress $46.61

Lace is a popular fashion at the moment, and this lace skater dress ticks all the boxes for me.


Are you a fan of lace, spots or peplum? See anything there that screams “take me home!” What is catching your eye at the moment?

All pictures from ASOS website, links in the titles. This post was not sponsored. 

  • Melissa Savage

    I have big boobs and a short waist, so peplum is distinctly unflattering on me. However I’m wearing lace right now and own a lot of spots!

    • Bek M

      Lovely! Lace and spots are great.

  • Kris2040

    I’m in the just a bit big for “regular” sizes but too small for “plus sizes”. I don’t buy many clothes.

    I do really like of the stuff at though – designed for chicks with boobs!


    I don’t do lace or spots, but I do put KDot in spots sometimes. Not keen on those peplum tops either. I don’t think they’d really suit my boobs – waist – hips. I just stick with Vneck tops and plain bottoms. I do have an awesome wrap dress that I will use any excuse to wear though!

    • Bek M

      Inbetweeny can be tricky- glad pepperberry has stuff you like. I love wrap dresses, still looking for one in my size. I bet KDot looks cute in spots!

  • Maddi

    I’m not plus size, but asos have such an amazing range of stuff. I just bought a dress off there a few minutes ago. I find they have heaps of stuff fr different budgets too, which is awesome! Yay for asos!

    • Kris2040

      I’m scared of the clothes not fitting when I look online – is it hard to return and swap? I don’t trust the sizing charts.

      • Bek M

        Asos are pretty good with the returns and swaps as they have an Australian based office now. Every item of clothing comes with a little return sheet. You write the reason code number (they have reasons like ‘doesn’t fit right’ ‘doesn’t suit me’) and a return label that you peel off and attach to the parcel. You do have to pay the postage, but it’s posting within Aus so it’s not too bad.

    • Bek M

      Yes I like that I can afford stuff if I wait long enough for the clothing item to go into the outlet 70% off section. :-) And they have regular 10-20% discount codes they email you.

  • Tamsin Howse

    Love that lace dress!