Melbourne Earthquake Shakes Up Twitter


Last night at 8:53pm Melbourne was hit by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. The ground shook, stock fell off shelves, cats played guitars, and Twitter went wild.

Australia has a long history of reacting to drama with humour, it is our best defense. Last night’s earthquake (which prompted more than 30 calls for help however no reports of major damage or injuries) was no exception. It wasn’t long before everyone was having a laugh, even when Sunrise on 7 reported the story really seriously today they kept showing footage of a mannequin that had fallen over, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Twitter was the obvious winner of the night, and here are my favourites:

Ivan Vanderbyl @IvanVanderbyl
The damage to the CBD is horrendous #melbearthquake #melbquake

Martin Jones @m_jns
My fav. joke (from the last #melbquake): Sydney: “What was that?” Melbourne: “You wouldn’t have heard of it, it’s pretty underground.”

ABCnewsIntern ‏@ABCnewsIntern
Melbourne: OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?! New Zealand: You call THAT an earthquake? #melbquake

Steele Saunders ‏@SteeleSaunders
My heart goes out to Melbourne’s Jenga community… #melbquake #melbearthquake

Steve Bastoni @stevebastoni
Ok if there’s a tsunami I’m ready

Mike Stuchbery ‏@mikestuchbery
I shouldn’t have read those lines from that old, leather-bound book. God knows what I’ve just gone and done. #melbquake

Sean Power ‏@powersoz
my dad on on the #melbquake “ahh, i just thought the heater blew up”.

And one from facebook:

This is my favourite footage of the Melbquake:

For the real news report head on over to

Did you feel the earth move? Do you think Australia’s sense of humour is a good thing, or a bad thing? How long before your twitter feed went wild?


Yes, I used the chair one as the featured image. Sorry. I know it’s old, I couldn’t resist 😛

  • Mandi Aylmore

    I didn’t even know there was an earthquake until the next day! Oops!

    That hipster puppy is beyond adorable though . . .

  • Michelle

    Bwahahaha the cat video is great!