Video: The Prayer Acapella (Peter Hollens)


It’s Friday!! It’s been a big one so instead of giving you some more food for thought, I though I’d give you some candy floss.

Today’s video is the latest from Peter Hollens. As per his others it is acapella and all sounds are created by the human voice. This song features Evynne Hollens.

The Prayer was originally sung by Andrea Bocelli (in Italian) and Celine Dion (in English) and released as solo songs, then combined into the duet that is most commonly known.

I know many of you are not religious but I think this song is pretty impressive whatever you believe. This song holds a personal connection for me as one of my very dear friends, Dell Lawrence, performed it with Vivienne Calwell at my grandfather’s funeral in December. My grandfather was a religious man, a minister and a missionary. So this one is dedicated to you, Pr Lester Lock.

If religion’s not your cup of tea, here’s Peter Hollens’ previous one, Jason Mraz I Won’t Give Up. Again all sounds are made by the human voice.


Photo from Peter Hollens website

  • Peter Hollens

    Thank you for posting about me! :) :)

    • Tamsin Howse

      You’re very welcome!

  • Michelle

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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