The lyrics said WHAT?!


OK. Some Saturday Night Fun.

Have you ever listened to a song for ages…years sometimes…and suddenly noticed that the lyrics were a little more graphic than you first realised? For some reason, after letting the lyrics wash over you for the first 10 or 20 listens, you suddenly pay attention and go “OMG…what was that?”

Here are our favourite songs like this at KiKi & Tea:

John James writes:

What the...?!!

For me, it was 1979’s My Sharona by The Knack. That seemingly never-ending number one record. Possibly the greatest one-hit-wonder of all time. There was something about the black-and-white outfits, the skinny ties, the mop-tops…and THAT GUITAR RIFF! I loved that song! I would air-guitar to the riff and scream out “My Sharona” during the chorus. But for some reason, I never paid much attention to the rest of the lyrics.

I rediscovered the song when I saw the film Reality Bites in 1994. You know the scene in the 7-11 where  Janeane Garofalo starts dancing to My Sharona? Well, I bought the soundtrack and really listened to the song for the first time…this is what I heard:

Never gonna stop, give it up. Such a dirty mind.
Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind.

Hang on. What? Did he just sing “always get it up” for the “younger kind”? Eeewwww….creepy! 15 years I had been listening to that song. 15 oblivious years. How did I miss that for so long?


Tamsin Howse writes:

Oooh... That's nasty

From the age of 5 I was addicted to Grease. I knew every word to every song, every word to the whole movie. I knew Rizzo had a pregnancy scare and had a suspicion there was something not entirely wholesome about Marty. I wasn’t entirely naive and I’d been watching Pretty Woman from about the same age, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what a “99 cent insurance policy” was.

But it wasn’t until I was re-watching Grease around 18 that I realised how much of it was dirtier than I remembered. I’m sure this is an obvious thing to many and I put it down to childhood rose tinted glasses. One song, however, took me by surprise.

Go grease lightning you’re coasting through the heat lap trial
(Grease lightning, go grease lightning)
You are supreme, the chicks’ll cream for grease lightning
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

Wait… What? The chicks’ll cream? Cream?! Ew! That’s way more graphic than you usually expect a 5 year old to be singing along with. The really worrying thing, I always knew those were the words. It just never occurred to me what that meant.

What about you? What songs were dirtier than you realised?

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  • clansi

    I had the same realisation at about the same age re. Grease.

    The line you quoted and the later one: “You know that I ain’t braggin’, she’s a real pussy wagon – greased lightnin”

    I can’t for the life of me remember what I *thought* they sang there!

    • Tamsin Howse

      I thought they sung what they sung. I just didn’t know what it meant.

      I actually remember correcting someone when I was about 8 that they don’t say “scream” they say “cream”. They asked why. I didn’t know.

      Oh the shame.

  • MrsGinger

    Urrrkk! I DID NOT know those lyrics for My Sharona!! *shudders* Never dancing to that song ever again. Thank you, JJ.

    T, that is grose!

    My eye-opener is a more recent song, “Work” by Kelly Rowland. It is probably an obviously dirty song to everyone else but I thought it was a fun track, BRILLIANT to get motivated while doing housework or going for a run. It has such a great beat. BUT … well, one music critic said it better than I could, “…it’s hard to imagine Beyoncé resorting to as crass a single entendre as repeatedly demanding ‘put it in!’ like a hooker on crystal meth.”

    Not to mention these classy lines…

    “Don’t come around, keep on lettin me down. You gotta get it all the way in, I wanna see you work.” And while you’re figuring out what she means exactly, she emphatically demands that he should “use both hands to make sure I reach my destination.”


    • Tamsin Howse

      At least it’s not as TMI as “I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, don’t care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me”. Thank you, Rihanna 😉