Nearly 30. When did that happen?

tamsin howse

tamsin howse

Do you ever look at the face staring back at you and wonder how long it’s looked like that?

Recently I’ve been noticing I’m getting older. I don’t think this bothers me, but I’ve been a little shocked by how rapid it has been.  I’ve particularly noticed my boobs getting lower and lower and have been doing the 22/28 thing in the mirror. My butt hasn’t fallen yet, and I’m pretty grateful for that since they don’t make butt bras. At least not ones that are socially acceptable.

I knew that eventually my boobs would fall, my eyes would crinkle and my skin would wrinkle, I think I was just unprepared for it happening so suddenly. It seems almost overnight I’ve started noticing these subtle signs and when I complain, the Viking just tells me “Well you are nearly 30”.

Nearly 30.

When did that happen?

I got married at 23 years old, and turned 24 shortly after, and I felt like I surely was a grown up, but when I look back on who I was then, I feel I’ve grown infinitely older and, thankfully, a little wiser. It’s not just my face, although I can certainly see it there, but it’s also my interests, my opinions, and the way I see the world. Five years ago I wouldn’t have been able to watch 5 minutes of the news without tuning out because they make it sound so boring, or being heartbroken by the things I saw. These days I am still heartbroken, but I’m finding it a little easier to keep watching. A little more important to push through.

I look at old photos of myself and all I see is a baby face. One I’m shocked by, and the difference is stark, but not one I miss at all.

I’m getting older, but I feel like my face is only just catching up with the person I am.


Did you get older suddenly? Have you noticed your boobs or butt starting to fall? 


If you’re unfamiliar with my 22/28 reference, watch this:

  • Mazi Grey

    Happened to me pretty suddenly. Was extremely ill, put on 15 kg in 3 months, hair started to go grey and I broke my leg at the same time. I was doing pretty well to then. Am still ageing now of course, but since I am in a happy relationship, with a good job and the aging is gradual I am pretty happy about it, especially compared to the alternative.
    I remember when I met you at 23, I thought you were an interesting person, now however I think you are Awesome. So, regardless of the baby face going, I think you have aged pretty damn well!

    • Tamsin Howse

      At least you have a reason! I have no reason for age to have suddenly attacked me.

  • Maryann

    Ageing is gradual but the milestone of turning a certain age can call attention to the process. I am in my mid 50s now. In my late 40s I decided to let my hair go gray. I was sick of colouring it and yes I have crow’s feet and a few wrinkles, such is life. It is far more important to me that I am healthy, active and living the life I want to live. I beleive attitude ages a person far more than hair colour or wrinkles. My grandmother was the youngest 90 year old I ever knew because she was engaged with life. Unless you are willing to intervene with comestic or medical procedures (& that is up to the individual) then I think accepting and more on is the best way to handle ageing, it sure beats the alternative!

    In your photo’s above T, you don’t look older only a little wiser.

    • Tamsin Howse

      I’m definitely wiser!

      I know what you mean about attitude. My mum is in her 70s but seems a lot younger than many 50 year olds I’ve met!

  • Hayley Ashman

    For some reason my looks are one of the last things I consider when I think about getting older. At 28 I can feel 30 looming. For a while I’ve been trying to not think of it as some age at which I need to have achieved certain things. But yeah, boobs are not where they were 10 years ago.

    • Tamsin Howse

      I often feel that as well and I hadn’t really thought all that much about my looks changing, thinking it would just happen gradually and I wouldn’t even notice. but the other day I looked in the mirror and I DID notice! That’s scary.

  • Tamsin Howse

    I feel like I’m more comfortable as well.

  • fender4eva

    T, you’re just as beautiful as ever. :-)

    • Tamsin Howse

      Naww, thanks Fender!

  • Smaggle

    I quite like getting older. I was kind of ugly for lack of a better word in high school (very over weight, really tall, frizzy hair, ruddy cheeks and braces) it wasn’t until I was about 20 that I got my weight under control and learned how to deal with my hair that I felt even remotely attractive. I look at photos of the younger version of me and I cringe. Although 3 years ago I was minus about 7 kilos so I’d quite like to go back to being that Carly! :-)

    • Tamsin Howse

      Oh don’t get me started on high school! I’m 5’9 and weighed 41kg when I finished, that should give you some idea of what I looked like!

      • Smaggle

        This is really interesting to me – I’ve had a (respectful) post brewing for a while about how when people complain about being too skinny and not being able to gain weight it just baffles me. (Unless it’s medical or they’re really unwell). All I’ve ever wanted in my life (and what most women with shitty genes want) is a fast metabolism and to be thin so I find it astounding how that could be bad. Any thoughts at all would be great. I never promote body shaming or body judging but having a supermodel figure (to a chubbster like me!) doesn’t seem like something I would ever complain about if I had it!

        • Tamsin Howse

          There’s a big difference between having a supermodel figure and being really skinny. It’s one thing to be tall and thin with boobs and a bum, it’s another to have your ribs showing when you wear a low cut top and your hip bones jutting out above your jeans. And when you’re the latter, you don’t feel like a supermodel. You feel like a freak.

          I wrote this a few years ago about what it was like for me growing up skinny, I’d be happy for you to quote it or link to it:

          • Smaggle

            Wow, awesome article. I love it. We have literally the opposite weight problem. I could never get clothes to fit me either and while it’s definintely considered more rude to call a person fat, it doesn’t mean it happens any less. You know that saying that goes if we all took our problems and put them in a pile, we’d all grab our own back? With the weight thing, I’d honestly trade you. I’m curious, would you trade me?

          • Tamsin Howse

            Completely understand that it happens all the time, I know, I’ve seen it happen to my friends and family.

            I can’t honestly say if I would or wouldn’t trade you. While I absolutely hated my body growing up and would have given anything to look like everyone else rather than a stick insect, going through that made me who I am today. And I love who I am. If I traded, would I be different?

  • Sanch Living Life

    Apparently it’s all downhill once you turn 30. 😛 Just kidding — I turned 30 in Jan this year and I must say, I was excited. I have no issues with my age and have never felt better. The only downer has been body parts starting to fall apart … have had problems with my knees and my teeth! 😛 But I guess the former is also because I’ve been way more active in the last couple of years than ever before and it’s probably showing. The growth we experience though is amazing…

    Happy 30th year Tamsin! :)

    P.S. I honestly can’t tell much difference between the two photos!

  • Hanna

    New to this site so not sure if i can say what I feel. This feels self indulgent. The photos are so similar because it’s a short time period, it’s not like you’ve done a decade comparison. Regardless, you’re pretty. 30 isn’t old.