This Week: Bowie, and Sharing Your Life Online

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T & JJ

T & JJ

Monique has decided to take a break from her Weekly Celebrity Gossip post due to work commitments, so JJ & T have decided to replace it with a weekly chat about life, the universe…and well, anything…

JJ: So, T. We had this silly idea about publishing a weekly chat because we think our readers might find it interesting.

T: And we need a new Friday post!

JJ: This will either be amazing, or a complete train-wreck.

T: Oh well, either way it might be fun. Like a podcast, in text.

JJ: Yes… For me, this week was all about Bowie!

T: Yeah, the new single, right?

JJ: Yep – first in 10 years. What amazed me was the buzz…I hadn’t expected so many people to be so excited…

T: Neither had I! My twitter feed was all over it.

JJ: So, by my calculations, you would have been 17 the last time Bowie released something? That’s weird.

T: I don’t remember that, though, so it can’t have been important. All I know about Bowie is The Labyrinth and Little China Girl. Doll? Girl.

2013_db_by_jimmy_king_v2_600sqJJ: China Girl…which was actually written by Iggy Pop originally…but don’t speak to me about Labyrinth…to me, that’s when Bowie went all wrong…in the 80s, Bowie was just about being popular. I like weird arty-farty Bowie.

T: But Magic Dance is such a classic! And how can you argue with Within You?

JJ: You’re making me cry….

T: Hehehe

JJ: Anyway, enough about Bowie…(did I just type that?)

T: (You did, I saw it)

JJ: What was your week like?

T: Well, I went swimming on Tuesday and my legs still hurt. But that’s really just having a whinge (although while I’m at it my wrist hurts too). The interesting part was yesterday I got a request from the Editor at Role/Reboot to republish my piece on being a Stepmonster.

JJ: Yep – one of may favourite T posts.

T: Well I can’t decide what I want to do. Whether I want to say yes or no.

enchanted_stepmother2JJ: Yeah, but you always feel that way….you expect the worst sometimes… I’m the blind optimist on this website. I always thought people would react positively to that post on KK&T, and they did.

T: I know, but it’s such a raw wound! I’m just terrified someone is going to read it and tell me I’m a selfish bitch.

JJ: And we all say “we’ve got your back”. But I understand why you feel that way.

T: Well, it’s brought up an interesting conundrum for me.

JJ: Being so open in a post is difficult.

T: How far am I willing to go as a writer?

JJ: Yep – I know that feeling. I think I found the line I won’t cross…which is why I think I switched to writing fiction.

T: There are a few topics completely off the table for me. I would never say anything bad about my stepdaughter in a post, for example. Talk to me again when I have my own children who are in my face 24/7 about writing something not-entirely-flattering about them. But for now, anything about her is off the table.

JJ: Yeah, I don’t think I could write anything as raw as Elizabeth Wurtzel did this week.

T: Oh, yeah, and that’s the thing – The Stepmonster post is taking my wound, at least in Part 4 of the post, and putting it out there in a very raw way for anyone to see. But I’m leaning towards doing it. Think I might just never look at the comments. You can all watch them for me.

JJ: Well I hope you let them publish it – it’s an important subject and needs to be talked about. And yes, I’ve got your back.

T: So I hope people like our new little conversational piece.

JJ: They better!

T: Maybe they’ll tell us what they’re thinking about this week.

JJ: OK – well, see you at next week’s chat.

T: Nah, you’ll talk to me before then. Have a great day!

OK, over to you. How was your week? Do you have any questions for the KiKi & Tea team? Anything to share?

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  • Mazi Gray

    @T.. You remind me of the babe.

    • Tamsin Howse

      What babe?

      • Mitchell Osmond

        The babe with the power.

  • Mazi Gray

    What power?

    • Tamsin Howse

      Power of Voo Doo!

  • Happymum

    Who do?

    • John James

      That you do

      • Tamsin Howse

        Do what?

  • Bek M

    Love the Labyrinth. I have a DVD with a double feature- The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. I think it’s a good match. :-)

    My week has been good and bad. Bad: my kids fighting and bickering and the head lice infestation. Good: Having lazy days at home, going to the library, not having to do the school run, late nights watching movies.

    • Tamsin Howse

      I bought that double feature for someone once!

      Loving your good, shame about the bad! I’ve been hearing your updates on the lice infestation. Yeuch!

      • Bek M

        Head lice infestation is all over woohoo!

    • John James

      I LOVE The Dark Crystal…

      • Bek M

        It’s so good. Waiting for my boys to be a bit older before I show them- they scare easily. :-)