Carefree Forced To Defend ‘Acti-Fresh’ Advert


Carefree have been forced to defend their latest advertisement for the product Acti-Fresh after the Advertising Standards Bureau received numerous complaints. NineMSN reports:

Carefree has been forced to defend its new ad that shows a naked woman and uses the words “vaginal discharge”, saying it is a celebration of the female body.

The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) received complaints about the ad for Acti-Fresh liners as soon as it was launched last night.

In the ad a naked young woman discusses vaginal discharge in a white room, her body artfully hidden behind a bunch of white flowers.

The ad uses the term “Vaginal discharge” rather than alluding to it using artful euphemisms or women frolicking through the ocean, as most ads do, such as the Beaver campaign of not too long ago.

Campaign spokeswoman Debbie Selikman stated “It’s the first time a major brand has had the guts to use real words, not euphemisms or diminutive terms,” believing the straightforward approach would cut through the implication women should be ashamed of their bodies.

Personally I think she is 100% spot on. Yes, it may be uncomfortable to hear the words “vaginal discharge” over dinner, but that simply serves to compound the problem. To teach young girls it’s an issue we can’t talk about, putting it in a similar league to poo, periods themselves and many other normal bodily functions.

But that’s my opinion. Here’s the ad, what do you think?

Is this ad helpful to women? Do you believe it will break down boundaries? Is it just a targeted advertising campaign designed to provoke and therefore end up in the media? What do you think? 



  • Valentina B

    It’s funny that this one has had 30 complaints and the lynx ball one has had like 45 or something.

    I don’t find either offensive but I think people are being too precious about the whole thing. Vagina is not a dirty word, nor should it be considering half the population has one! I say good on carefree for not skirting around the issue and potentially causing people to feel embarrassed or ashamed about their bodies!

    • Tamsin Howse

      I don’t understand what’s so offensive about honest and frank language? Think of the children! They need to know that it’s called VAGINAL DISCHARGE.

  • Detachable Princess

    “the video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from this website”

    • Tamsin Howse

      Should be fixed now!!

      • Detachable Princess

        What the hell is wrong with it? If it was gratuitous or out of context use of ‘period’ and ‘vagina’ that would be weird, but this is scientific language describing a specific instance. People need to get over themselves.

  • Mandi Aylmore

    Yes. I find it offensive. Only because I can not stand the word discharge!

    • Detachable Princess

      What if it was “moist discharge in your panties” 😉

      • Mandi Aylmore

        I just died a little inside . . .

        And brought up my breakfast . . .

  • Lisa F

    I think it’s a great ad!!! I think I was at least 20 before I knew it was even called discharge!!!
    Good on Carefree for sticking it to the man!
    What’s the big deal about the words discharge and vagina??? It’s is proper English. Would’ve been much worse if they had of said ‘the shit that comes out of your pussy!

    • Tamsin Howse

      I just snorted tea out my nose.