Why The Princess of Cambridge Is Not About Diana


The birth of the Princess of Cambridge is not about Diana.

The birth of any baby is something to be celebrated, at least I think so. The news of the arrival of the Princess of Cambridge over the weekend was a joyous occasion and you could see the pride radiating from both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they introduced their precious little girl to the world. I also have to mention how adorable little George was when he came to the hospital to meet his brand new baby sister (and how glad I am that he seemed so confused by all the cameras, which I hope means he’s not subjected to cameras in his face all the time). Whether you’re a republican or a monarchist, I think we can all agree that with the current sad state of affairs across the world, it’s nice to celebrate the arrival of a child.

However there is a part of this celebration that has been grating on me. It’s the same thing that grates on me every time something happens for William. Can we please, please, stop making everything about Diana?

As soon as it was announced that a daughter was born (but before the formal announcement of her name), all over social media and on numerous news articles, the following were popular comments:

  • Diana would have been thrilled. I hope they use Diana in the name.
  • I would love them to name the baby Diana, it would be a tribute to Princess Diana.
  • Princess Diana would be a wonderful name.
  • Hope they name her Diana.
  • How beautiful would it be to name their baby for her grandmother!

These examples barely scratch the surface.

I understand that this is just meant to be a lovely sentiment, mentioning his mother who loved him so, and how a tragic set of circumstances has meant she missed this special moment among so many others. I mean, who can forget the look on the faces of William and Harry at their mother’s funeral? It was heartbreaking and it still is. However, it frustrates me to no end that everything to do with William seems to be brought back to Diana. In this case, in the choosing of the name of his daughter.

Now I know that none of the people who have made these comments would imagine that their opinion would factor into the decision making process, nor would they ever harass the Duke and Duchess about their name choice, but it’s just another example of how it always seems to come back to Diana.

It is obviously very sad that Diana is no longer with her beloved sons. However, having lived over the last 17 years of his life without his mother, it’s unfortunately something William would be used to. I would assume that when he got married and became a father, he would have felt his mother’s absence, but I don’t think he would let her absence overshadow these moments. In the same way that I miss my mum during the big moments of my life, but I don’t let her not being here ruin those occasions or make them about her, because they’re not.

Overnight it has been announced that the Princess of Cambridge’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana which I think we can all agree is a lovely name. It’s classic, regal, and it has the nod to Diana that so many people were hoping for. I think it is a really beautiful choice and I think it is very sweet that they have honoured Diana in her name. However, if they decided not to have Diana as a middle name, I would most likely have thought it was a lovely name anyway as the choice of her name comes down to William and Catherine, not us.

When I eventually have children, if I end up having a daughter, I don’t expect that people will tell me that they hope I name her after my mum. Why would they? But why is this any different? I know I’m not royalty but I lost my mother when I was younger, like William. It is really lovely that they have included Diana and I smiled when I heard the name. But I think I would have smiled whether Diana was included or not.

This isn’t me telling you not to think of Diana or saying that she should never be mentioned. It’s only natural that she is. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But this isn’t about Diana. This is about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children.

Are you glad they honoured Diana in naming the new Princess? Would you have been upset if they hadn’t?

Image: Telegraph

  • Melissa Savage

    I don’t really agree with a lot of this. I’m pretty sure William himself is one of the main people driving the Diana memorialising. Anyone under 35 can barely remember her, and the Queen and Prince Charles would probably like her memory to disappear, but he makes sure it doesn’t through the engagement ring, and memorial concerts and now his daughter’. As far as I can see, a couple of the older royal reporters make a bit of noise, but a lot of it comes from William himself.

    • Monique Fischle

      Valid points you make, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I think it more comes from my issue than anything else. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what I think, as long as they’re happy, good for them.

  • Belinda Doyle

    I lost my Mum a few years ago. Trust me, every big moment makes me think of her and what she’s missing (and what we’re missing without her). I actually get more upset when people don’t acknowledge what huge moments she’s missing. At the end of the day everyone should name their baby something they love, to include a very special, missing, dearly loved family member is a beautiful touch.

    • Monique Fischle

      I’m sorry you lost your mum Belinda, it’s such an awful thing.

      It’s been 11 years since my mum died and it’s still upsetting and believe me, I too am very aware of what she is missing and the moments I have never gotten to have with her.

      I’m not saying Diana shouldn’t be acknowledged, I guess I just don’t like the expected ‘pressure’ when it comes to naming. I think it is lovely that they have included a tribute to Diana and as you said, everyone should name their baby something they love which they clearly have, I’m only saying it would have been okay if Diana wasn’t a middle name.

  • http://lifeatnumberfive.com Lauren @ Life at Number Five

    My mum specifically told me that if she died before I had children and if I had a daughter I was to under no circumstances name my daughter for her! She doesn’t particularly love her name and would hate to see it in my daughters name.
    I am giving my soon to be born little girl a family middle name, which is the same as my middle name, and that of my mum and grandma.
    I think it’s nice that they paid homage to three members of the family with the three names. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to use Diana, and definitely wouldn’t have been upset if they chose not to use the name!

    • Monique Fischle

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a lovely tribute to your mum and grandma in choosing a name for your daughter. I also think it’s lovely that they honoured both families with her names.

  • http://kikiandtea.com/ Tamsin Howse

    I must say I felt a similar way when she was given Diana’s engagement ring. It is her choice and his choice and entirely none of my business, but a little part of me thought “Would I really want the engagement ring of my deceased mother in law who had an unhappy marriage?” And no, I really wouldn’t.

    I feel like Catherine is somehow overshadowed by Diana, even though I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate it just seems to be a vibe I get. It makes me uncomfortable.

    • http://kikiandtea.com/ Tamsin Howse

      PS: That last part was totally irrelevant to the baby, really… Oh well, I’m not called the Queen of the non sequitur for no reason.

    • Monique Fischle

      I remember thinking the same thing.

  • maree Talidu

    I think they were clever in using Diana’s name last- putting the female of Charles and then Elizabeth first. I too was sick of people saying “they must name her Diana!” There will always be only one Princess Diana. And nobody should be expected to fill those shoes.

  • vanessay

    I was just happy to see that Prince William looked comfortable with Prince George when he was carrying him into the hospital. I remember when William was taken by Charles to see Harry; it all looked very unnatural.

    • Monique Fischle

      He did look very comfortable. I thought it was such a classic toddler move that when William put him down to walk, George signalled to be carried, so cute (especially the little kiss).