Life is Short: Eat The Damn Fruit Loops


It may surprise some of you to know I’m actually a really low-key simple person. Or it might not. Or maybe the Viking wouldn’t agree with me, but at any rate, I think I’m pretty low-key. So I thought it was entirely logical that, when presented with the world’s largest breakfast buffet at Problogger last year, I reached for a bowl of fruit loops.

Apparently, that’s not the usual thing people do. And there was laughter. Both in 2013 and in 2014 in the QT Hotel where the world’s largest breakfast buffet resides. I’m not kidding, this breakfast buffet has pretty much every kind of food you could possibly want for breakfast. It has bacon and eggs and sausages and hash browns, pancakes and toast and muesli and yoghurt, fresh fruit, fried mushrooms, tomatoes and bircher… the list goes on.

When faced with this incredible spread before me, I couldn’t help but focus on the one thing I most wanted – the least fancy, the cheapest and easiest to come by, but the one I always think of as being a real treat: fruit loops.

As a little kid we used to get those mixed packs of cereal every school holidays as a special treat – just one pack per school holidays. Of course there was always a rush to get the one that was your favourite – fruit loops and coco pops being the most popular and my brother and I would always split them with fruit loops for me and coco pops for my brother.

As an adult, fruit loops are still a special thing for me, so when presented with the opportunity to indulge one of my favourite childhood treats, I leapt at it with both hands. I think I even went back for seconds!

The thing is – sometimes it’s really important to go back to the things that brought you joy as a child and just enjoy them. As we grow up we sometimes focus so much on important things we forget to just enjoy the simple things. To relish in a bowl of fruit loops even with an enormous spread before you.

Life is short, so you may as well eat the damn fruit loops.

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal? What do you do that people consider funny? 

  • Gary

    I know what you mean. I’m partial to fruit looks but if I see frosties, there’s no holding me back :-)

  • John James

    My favourite breakfast cereal is Multi-Grain Weetbix – love them…

    But I usually make sure I buy a packet of Coco-Pops once a year, just because they’re fun to eat… :)

  • Hayley Ashman

    I think my approach was ‘life is damn short so try everything!’

  • Monique Fischle

    I love Fruit Loops and if they are on special at the shops, you better believe I buy them. I most likely would have done the same, with that much choice I would revert to what I know will be good haha

  • Maryann

    People are so judgemental these days. The joy of the breakfast buffet is having exactly what you want. It is why I love staying in hotels on holidays. My favourite is Coco Pops with pouring cream! This goes back to when we had milk bottles & there was always a layer of cream on top and as a very special treat instead of shaking the bottle we could have the cream.