The Most Offensive Song of 2014?


Literally, I couldn’t.

I searched the whole world wide web trying to find a song more offensive than ‘Literally I can’t’ by Play-N-Skillz (featuring Enertia McFly, Redfoo and Lil Jon).

There was plenty of filth out there, we all know that sex sells and numerous musicians (I use that term loosely) have got their 15 minutes of fame with their cheap shock tactic songs- think ‘Blurred Lines’ where the ‘good girls’ are ‘nasty’ because they know they really do want it. Remember the backlash? Well ‘Literally, I can’t’, makes ‘Blurred Lines’ look like child’s play when it comes to degrading and debasing women. With a chorus that screams “shut the fuck up!” whenever a female replies, speaks the words “literally I can’t” to a suggestion of getting wasted, or some ‘girl on girl’ action- it’s clear that women are to be seen, not heard.

Redfoo makes his thoughts (and demands) clear with the following verse:

“You got a big ol’ butt
I can tell by the way you’re walkin’
But you annoying me ’cause you’re talkin’
(Shut the Fuck up!)

Bounce on the pogo
Jump on the jack hammer
Shhh, don’t talk about it, be about it

I said jump on the poll
I didn’t mean your opinion
Gurrrrl I’m sippin’ on this drink
I’m tryna see what you got
Not tryna hear what you think”

That’s right. He doesn’t care what you think. You’re an object to be used for his pleasure. Keep your mouth shut unless it’s near his ‘pogo, jackhammer or pole’, and don’t you dare speak your mind- you’re there for one purpose and one purpose only.

Then ‘Enertia McFly’ steps in with:

“Look… I’m tryna get your fine ass on the dance flo
Girl I wanna see you get low
Go ahead and bring it up slow
You’re booty in my hand is my new motto
Got the face of a model
Put your lips on my bottle
Let me see you take it to the head
Girl I know that you can
I don’t wanna hear no!”

Sorry- you don’t want to hear “no”?

This song uses less innuendo and is quite literal. Guys demanding oral sex, ‘girl on girl’ action. Objectifying body parts. Verbal abuse: “Bitch, shut the fuck up!”

This song is not just offensive to women- it sends a message that men think women need to ‘shut the fuck up’, be seen and not heard, be used as playthings to have any form of value. It implies men are sexual neanderthals with no self control and women hating pigs. Sure, some men prescribe to this school of thought, and will find this song amusing, but the majority of men I know would be appalled to have women think they in any way condone or agree with the vicious, threatening and misogynistic views portrayed in this song.

Yes, there are other songs around that are nothing but pure filth too- but they aren’t currently getting the airplay that ‘Literally, I can’t’ is getting. The video clip for the song is even more offensive- I have chosen not to include it as I don’t want to encourage people to view it.

What concerns me the most is last week, while doing my groceries, I was near a mother with two primary aged children, a boy and a girl. The girl mumbled something which I didn’t hear and her brother’s response was “shut the fuck up!” The mother whipped around, red-faced and shocked, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” she asked the little boy.

“I told her to ‘shut the fuck up’. It’s not that bad, it’s just a song.”

The mother, (looking stunned) replied, “Where on earth did you hear that?”

“On the radio, mum! And Cooper has it on his ipod. Redfoo says it to girls ’cause they are annoying him.”

And that is the real danger of this song.

Have you heard ‘Literally, I can’t’? Does it bother you? 

  • iamevilcupcake

    I haven’t heard it, and honestly I don’t want to hear it. It annoys me that the world has a bitch fit over Nicki Minaj mentioning skinny bitches in one section of a song, but Redfoo and Robin Thicke can sing an entire song about completely degrading women and treating them like objects.

    Again, there is zero balance.

  • Jessica Chapman

    I really wish people would stop buying this type of music. I certainly will go out of my way to avoid it.

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