This Week: Talking About Mental Health


It’s been a bit of a crazy week. I spent the first three days trying to jam in a weeks worth of work because yesterday I arrived on the Gold Coast for a long weekend away.

Best: Right now I’m on the Gold Coast relaxing with some amazing people. It’s hard to top that! The other best is that it’s Mental Health Month. The internet has embraced this and I’ve seen a lot of stories being shared. The great message I keep seeing is ‘you’re not alone.’

Worst: Some of the stories I’ve seen about mental health highlight that we have a long way to go. There is still a stigma around mental illness, a chronic lack of government-funded resources, and too many people suffering in silence. I guess the good thing is that there are people working hard to raise awareness, I just feel like we should be further along the road than we are.

This week’s pic: It’s a giant selfie. I’m terrible when it comes to taking a decent picture and even worse when it comes to putting it on the internet. I know part of blogging means sharing yourself and this includes sharing pictures, so I’m trying to embrace that.

Around the web:

The article Battered, Bereaved, and Behind Bars moved me to tears. It’s about women in the US who are given long prison sentences for failing to protect their children from abuse. You’ll be left shaking your head, I promise.

If you’re looking for something a little bizarre I suggest reading about George Zimmerman and how his family have tried to capitalise on his infamy. I know it’s a bit voyeuristic but I found it interesting to peek into the life of his…different family.

On KiKi & Tea:

We started the week by treating ourselves to a day off due the public holidays across most of the country. Not in Victoria though. Nope. I was at work with no KiKi & Tea to distract me!

Once we got down to business Tamsin gave us exercise tips to improve your mental health.

On Wednesday we got treated to some Tamsin again who asked can personal blogging survive monetisation? This sparked a great conversation about being genuine and what readers want from blogs.

Yesterday Maree looked at the link between creativity and mental illness. This was a post we ran a couple of years ago that we have republished for Mental Health Month.

How was your week? What did you see you’d like to share? Best and Worst?

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  • Tamsin Howse

    My best has also been the great response to Mental Health Month and I’m really excited about some of the content we have coming up. Also the Viking completely wiped and refurbed my laptop so I will have a computer again!

    My worst has been how busy I have been! I’ve changed my working hours to 9-5 instead of 8-4 but because I had holidays I’ve spent a lot of the week playing catch up so I’ve been working 8-5:30 really. Add to that all my personal errands and daylight savings and it’s been a LONG week.

  • Sally

    Best has been KK&T taking me on as a writer/contributor. *cue little dance*

    The worst has been the neighbours from hell. Doof-doof music up to 17 hours a day. Not great when I work from home – it really makes concentrating on anything difficult and it gives me a pounding headache. Plus I think the noise and vibrations (think earthquake) are making my dog sick. Vet can’t find anything clinically wrong yet he whimpers and throws up when the doof-doof noise is on. Council and police won’t do anything though. Awesome.

    • Hayley Ashman

      We’re very happy to have you :)