Unused Space In Your Home (SP)

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Do you have any unused space in your home? I do. In fact, I have quite a bit of it. And by unused, I mean not used well.

Some of it is being used as storage (by which I clearly mean it’s full of crap that should really be sorted, given away or thrown out) and some of it I just haven’t got around to sorting into any kind of usable space. Like the library, for instance, which just looks pretty but there’s no where to actually sit down and no one ever did even when there was. Or the garage, which is so full of stuff we can only fit one car in even though it’s wide enough for two.

Back in February I took a week off work with the intention of sorting out my house. And I did for a lot of it – I cleaned out the hallway which had been full of boxes since we moved in 5 years ago. I organised the spare room so it could actually be used as (gasp) a spare room – kind of a necessity when you have a stepdaughter. I finally got the broken light on the back deck replaced with one that worked. I cleared out the garage (although that didn’t last long). I bought all the bathroom items I wanted replaced, including the vanities, taps, toilet roll holders, bath spout and towel racks.

But then I ran out of steam.

And there’s one place in my house that’s still bothering me – the back deck.


For a while we had some couches sitting out there, until we realised that putting indoor furniture outdoor is not a good idea, even if you don’t care if it gets ruined. One word – spiders.

So those got handed on to the next person who wanted them and we went back to having an enormous deck with nothing on it bar some plastic chairs and, occasionally, the washing.

What a waste.

I’ve been eyeing off outdoor furniture sets for quite some time and I think I’ve settled on the kind I’d like. I want a charcoal couch set. When I was asked to do this sponsored post, I wasn’t familiar with Super A-Mart so, of course, went on their website to sus out the brand and whether or not I felt I could work with them. Knowing about my back deck I went straight to outdoor furniture and BAM


Right there. That’s the set I want, the Raptor 14 piece bundle. And it’s $1,599 – not bad at all when you consider the previous set I’d liked was $3,000.

Do you have unused space in your home? What do you look for in outdoor furniture? Do you have rooms full of crap? Please tell me I’m not alone!

This post is sponsored by Super A-Mart. All views, stories and opinions are my own.

  • Sally

    You’re definitely not alone. Our house is a standard 4×2. P wanted us to buy it for the resale value (we bought in a property slump). I hate this house because of it’s size but at the time we bought, it seemed like a good idea…… One bedroom is unused, we have two living rooms and we only ever use one, the back verandah is enormous and never gets used, etc. The house is poorly designed and has a lot of general dead space and odd shaped rooms. Our next house we shall build – it will have three bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry, lots of storage, small patio, small garden. Nothing else. No outdoor room, activity room, theatre or any of the other crap people my age want in their homes. I want small and simple.

  • Hayley Ashman

    I wish this was my problem! Living in an apartment means I have limited space. I’m terrible at working out how to best use that space – to the point that I still haven’t decided wether to set up my bed or get a new one. I moved in January. Been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since then.

  • Gary

    I’m an apartment dweller. I’ve tried to be minimalist but it’s starting to look a little cluttered since my photography hobby started to grow.