Rise, Sir Good Bloke or Sheila



Recently Tony Abbott has announced a return to the good old fashioned custom of knighting those who are worthy in Australia. This practice fell out of favour in 1980s with the last of the Australian Knights and Dames. Since then, we have had to rely on just letting Australians who are deemed worthy be content with a pat on the back and a ‘goodonya’ and maybe a much less valuable Order of Merit.

Is this enough? Should it be? What are we saying to people who work hard every day serving the community in jobs that are underpaid and undervalued? Maybe we should knight them all! The Queen, who is no stranger to the carefully sterilised plaque opening ceremony in a hospital, may find her arm wearying from all the heavy lifting of the sword as she bestows a prefix to somebody’s name. It is quite possible that the burden of awarding the hard working Australian may prove to be too much.

The Queen may, quite rightly, feel with the bestowing of such important honours as Sir and Dame that she should take a more active roll in the governing of the country. After all, Knights form the very important role of middle management in the feudal system. We couldn’t possibly allow our bishops, lords and dukes keep the local rabble in line. We all know what an unruly lot the Australian serfs can be, what with their beer, sheep and fly swatting corked hats.

It is easy to see the appeal that Knighting people has to Tony Abbott. After all, it would be impossible for him to become Sir Abbott without reintroducing the custom once again. You haven’t heard anyone complaining about it not being around, so it is easy to assume that this is his way of making sure it is available for him later in the future. After an illustrious political career filled with good works, of course.

What do you think about the reintroduction of Knights and Dames?


  • Jessica Chapman

    I think it’s also his way of declaring that there won’t be any discussion about becoming a republic during his administration. As if that wasn’t already obvious.

  • Maryann

    I think it is a backward step for Australia. Abbott has reintroduced this to give John Howard the knighthood he has always dreamed of. The sooner we become a republic the better.

    • Kris

      Apparently even JH said it was an old-fashioned and outdated idea!