This Week: Autumn Leaves


Here I am coming to you live from the US. OK perhaps not live or you would all be asleep but I thought I’d share some pics and catch you up a bit on what’s been going on.

The first is a panorama of a beautiful lake in Canada. I’m not sure exactly which lake or where it was but I loved it so much I had to sit and have a few minutes just staring at it.
I am completely obsessed with Autumn leaves and cannot get enough of them. These ones in Colorado were particularly beautiful. The photo below it is of more leaves in Colorado.
I love snow. Oh yes I do. This photo was taken by JR of an unguarded moment of glee while I skipped through the snow that had covered the ground in front of a church. Not that I have many guarded moments, mind you.
These grapes were at one of the wineries we visited and unfortunately I don’t know what variety. But I thought they were stunning. And I ate one (shh) and they tasted as good as they looked.
The first pic is of the moment it got dow to 1*C driving in Canada and started snowing. Pathetically, but I still insisted we pull over so I could dance in it.
We went to a gun range in Colorado with JR and this was one of my favourite guns to shoot. I’m all in favour of gun control, don’t misunderstand, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a go firing some. All up we fired 5 different kinds of guns.
This is JR. He was best man at our wedding and is the Viking’s best friend. We stayed with him and his girlfriend in Colorado and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.
This is Morfar. That’s Danish for grandfather. Or, literally speaking, it is Danish for Mother’s Father (Mor meaning mother and far meaning father). Morfar is 97 years old and still laughing.
This is me the last morning in Colorado when I woke up to snow. I was so excited I ran outside in my PJs and slippers with just my coat over the top to keep me warm. This was the same day I went frolicking in front of a church.
This is the Viking. Standing on a frozen pool of water beside a glacier. Yes, he is wearing a business shirt with his sleeves rolled up. I don’t call him the Viking for nothing.

The Viking & I were so excited on the plane ride to LA and decided to capture the moment.

This is Aries. He is a bit weird and to get attention he stands up like this and reaches up to you. It’s the cutest thing I think ever. Except squirrels. Which I still squeal every time I see.

A beautiful sight in Canada.

This is me sitting at Chateau Lake Louise eating the most wonderful orange and white chocolate parfait. It was truly stunning in every bite.

More Autumn trees in Colorado. This time with snow!

JR and his girlfriend drinking GIANT BEER.

A beautiful waterfall in Colorado.

We visited a cowboy store in Colorado and JR’s girlfriend, the Viking & I all bought cowboy boots. Mine are the ones in the middle. Be jealous. They are stunning.

That’s the Viking standing beside Lake Louise. Still in his business shirt with his sleeves rolled up while I was in thermals and a big coat.

The other thing that has happened while I have been away is my beloved grandmother passed away. I am still unable to talk about her for longer than 2 minutes before I start to well up. It’s been quite difficult dealing with not being able to be there.

Here’s another pic of Autumn leaves:

How have you been? Catch me up. I’ll reply from over here, I promise!


  • SonjaLouise

    I am both incredibly jealous and missing you, T!

    • Tamsin Howse

      I miss you too! Weird being on the other side of the planet

  • Chelsea

    I have been following your adventures on Twitter, in particular of New York, loving your pics, looks like you are having an amazing time! Are you going to do a separate post on the city? Would love some suggestions, am visiting for the first time in February.

    • Tamsin Howse

      Sure thing!

  • melinka

    What a beautiful part of the world. You & the Viking look like you’re having the time of your lives, fantastic!! :)

    I am very sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m sure she’d be urging you to enjoy every minute of this trip; she would want you to be happy.

    Take care & have a ball!

    • Tamsin Howse

      Thanks, Melinka. It hasn’t been easy but I know you’re right. She was so excited for me going overseas.

  • Rah!

    I’ve been green with envy since you sent me that plane porn! Have a safe trip home xx