This Week: Nutella Brownies

13-07-13 WIP

As I write this it’s coming towards the end of Friday and I am falling asleep. I don’t know how much longer I can keep my eyes open so this may need to be brief (alternately I may have verbal incontinence, in which case I apologise).

It’s been a big week for me as I helped farewell my Great Aunt Daph, which was bittersweet as she’d been in hospital for a couple of weeks in palliative care so we were relieved to see her go at last. And we all enjoyed seeing the family, which unfortunately only seems to happen for weddings and funerals.

Here’s my week in pics:

13-07-13 WIP

The Viking & I kicked off the weekend with some friends over for dinner on Friday night, where he was given pecan pie for fixing up the iamto’b website (and hasn’t he done a great job? He’s still ironing out a few bugs) and I was given home made monte carlos for marrying such a useful man. Which I demolished with much gusto.

Then Saturday we went out to Pet Barn to pick up a bunch of things we needed for the cats. We bought this harness for Bella and doesn’t she look pleased about it? Oh, she is just over the moon (sarcasm font). We’re going to have to train her to use it sooner or later as I’m sick of listening to her carrying on about being in a cage when I want to take her to the vet.

For my birthday I was given a knitty kitty kit. I’ve almost finished and I’ll be the first to admit it’s quite wonky, but hey it’s the first thing I’ve ever knitted so sod off. I think it’s kind of cute.

Saturday night there was a blackout and I cooked dinner in the complete blackness by the light of the gas stove and the candles. It was a bit of a fun experience, I have to admit. Although it did demonstrate to me how completely unprepared we are for the zombie apocalypse now we’ve moved away from the 711.

My cousin holding his son. It’s the first time I’ve met his son. As you can tell, said son is not very old. Lionel gave me good morning hugs on the morning of the funeral as we both enjoyed the sleep in.

This is my grandmother, Mimi. She is 95 years old and the sweetest, most beautiful person you will ever meet. The way she lights up when she sees me is something I will never tire of. We have to spent more time together.

This is my cousin Ary. She is one of my best friends in the whole world and we grew up just a few streets apart. She is the person who is the most similar to me of anyone I have ever met, and we can go for months without talking then pick up a conversation right where we left off. I love her dearly. My Great Aunt Daph was her beloved grandmother.

We had a birthday at games night and my friend made mint slice cake and I drew a My Little Pony card. I used sparklers instead of candles because sparklers.

And on Thursday night my best friend came over for dinner and we baked nutella muffins together. We were pretty proud of our efforts… in case you couldn’t tell. The recipe for these is so easy! 10 tablespoons flour (we used plain, I think it should be self raising), 2 eggs, 1 cup nutella then bake at 180* for 30 minutes. I baked for 20 minutes and they were a bit dry. I think self raising flour and maybe some milk and white chocolate chips would improve them.

This week on KK&T we talked about iDevices and tweens, 10 ways to use washi tape, what happens after assault, when everyone else moves on, how to save money, and the push for people to couple up – even on holidays.

I have two videos I’d like to share with you this week. The first is what happens when 2 monkeys are paid unequally for the same job:

And the second is the first openly gay country singer who sings about the boy he’s interested in. The reason I love this video so much is the way everyone normalises it. I was worried the clip would show the discrimination gay men face, but it didn’t, and I’m so excited by that. Have a look:

How was your week?

  • John James

    I’m sorry, but Knitty Kitty still scares me… I CAN’T SLEEP… KNITTY KITTY WILL EAT ME!! 😉

  • SonjaLouise

    It’s a great video, but kind of sad :(
    Unrequited love is the worst.