“My Towels Are Too Crunchy” And Other First World Problems


This week I retrieved some bananas from my freezer and put them in my Kenwood food processor along with some LSA and walnuts and whizzed the whole lot up into banana nut ice cream. Which I tasted, then complained “My bananas taste too banana-y”.

Last weekend I was bringing in the washing that had been out on my very own clothes line, drying in the beautiful sunshine Australia has seen fit to bust out to mark the start of Spring. After having washed them in my automatic washing machine using detergent bought at a very reasonable price, and I caught myself complaining “My towels are too crunchy”.

Not too long ago I cried, actually cried people, because I had a stain on my favourite wool sweater, which I soaked in Napi-San in the sink of my second bathroom, but the concentration was too strong or something and my sweater dissolved. I have plenty of sweaters, I just really liked that one. And, a little bit, I cried because I’m a bit shit at anything to do with housework that’s a little bit out of the ordinary (like getting stains out).

Talk about first world problems!! Was I really complaining about these things?

Sadly, yes, and there was no one to yell out “Cut, that was terrible, let’s go back and do it again” although as soon as the words left my mouth I knew how incredibly stupid my complaint was. Here I am, living in a beautiful country, able to put food on the table and even more than that, able to own towels that I can wash in an automatic washing machine instead of out beating them against a rock. With a roof over my head that I own (well, the bank owns) and shoes on my feet.

It’s a ridiculous turn of events that I am here, complaining about my crunchy towels (that scratch my delicate face, oh noes) while there are people living in poverty in my own city, less than 80km from my house (thanks to Mamamia for reminding me of that this week). People who can’t afford to send their kids on school excursions. People who, just reading about them, bring tears to my eyes and a massive knot in my stomach about how many pairs of shoes I own and the fact that I still want more.

It’s something I remind myself of often. How incredibly lucky I am.

What’s your first world problem? Here are some to get you started:

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  • Maree Talidu

    Love it! So well said!

  • melinka

    Love the posters :)

    My partner gets really annoyed with me when I complain about something and then guiltily add ‘FWP’ as a disclaimer. Something about FWPs still being valid problems if they really distress you, but I totally get your point.

    • http://tamsinhowse.com/blog Tamsin Howse

      I think some FWPs are valid problems. I just don’t think “My towels are too crunchy” is one of them 😉

  • IgnoranceFTW

    I can only wonder how it feels to realize the above and still keep living the same make-believe -privileged lifestyle. I wonder which is worse: to know what you’re doing and still do it, or be ignorant about it.