What I Want for Father’s Day


Father’s day is one of those days that tends to bring out a few groans from children everywhere. Is it just me, or is it easier to find things for mum? Dads tend to be a bit harder to find things to buy for and this year I’ve faced my own new horror – not only did I go through the ‘what do I get dad this year?’, but I also face the dreaded ‘So, what do you want for Father’s Day?’.

This is only my second Father’s Day, officially as a Dad, and with it has come an extra level of groaning – from me, nonetheless – as my wife has spent the last couple of weeks constantly reminding me to make a decision. I’ve never been one to be able to put my finger so precisely on one gift that I really REALLY want (except an Aston Martin, which my wife assures me will never happen) and have often spent months leading up to birthdays and Christmas writing down everything that comes to mind, before giving it to my wife to distribute amongst the family. But this Father’s Day thing has caught me completely off guard! My biggest fear as a father is being given countless Bunnings gift cards – NEWSFLASH: Not all dads are handy! Please don’t buy your dad something hardware related if he’s just not into it!

The stereotype for dads seems to be changing. I long for the day when “Dad” will not be synonymous with “Beer”, “BBQ”, “Cordless Drills” and “Sport”.  Puh-lease! Anyone who knows me will say I’m a little bit ‘geek’, a little more ‘family man’, but most definitely ‘comfort’. So what do you get for the Gen-Y father figures? Google it… I did and here’s my top 5 wish list, in order of personal preference (lowest to highest):

5. Samsung Galaxy S3

I decided against the hype of the iPhone and instead bought the Galaxy S2 about a year ago and absolutely love it. The S3 builds on a well-established base, adding a few more useful features like keeping the screen switched on while you’re looking at it!

Price: $599

4. Outdoor fire pit

I love winter, being rugged up against a nice chill, sitting around an open fire. Because of this, I’d love some sort of outdoor fire pit/wood burner.

Price: $79 at Bunnings

3. Portable projector with inbuilt DVD player

Bring the fun of the outdoor cinema to your own backyard. This great device can turn ordinary weekends at home with a good movie into a fun event for family and friends, without needing expensive projectors and the fiddling needed to hook up the DVD player and speakers.

Price: $299 at Dadshop

2. The Avengers, Blu-ray

Unfortunately this movie hit the cinemas when my boy was a bit too young for his mum and dad to leave him with his grandparents while they ran off to the cinemas, so I have very patiently waited for this to be released. I’m a believer that Blu-ray is not for every movie, but anything with enough CGI and big, colourful action scenes gets the Blu-ray treatment from me!

Price: $25 on Amazon

1. Darrell Lea Dad’s Bag

I’ve been buying one of these for my dad for years now and often have been envious that I couldn’t keep it all to myself. I’m a self-confessed chocoholic (it runs in the family) and was devastated to hear that the company was in trouble recently. I hope that things pick up – I’ve spent too long coveting this prize to lose it after becoming a dad!


Price: $30 at Darrell Lea

So if you’re stuck for ideas, check out www.everythingbutflowers.com.au and www.redballoon.com.au – both offer a wide range of gift ideas, with selections arranged by price if desired. The one that I liked best however is www.dadshop.com.au. Some of the gifts here might seem a little out there, but what I loved best was the ability to choose your gift by your dad’s personality – ingenious!

What do you want for Father’s day? What are you buying your dad? Do you have trouble picking gifts for yourself?

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  • Dragonflysz

    Buying gifts for fathers is way harder than mothers so thank you for fabulous ideas!! My husband had already suggested the Avengers 3D. He loves Darrell Lea licorice too but our local store has closed.

  • Hayley

    Dad said all he wants is for me to be happy after a rough couple of months, and seeing as though we have ticked that box he wants us to go fishing together. What a superstar! Previous years have involved madly hunting for something that isn’t a power tool or outdoor adventure accessory.