Is Anyone Ever Really Ready For Change?


Where I’d like to call home for the next few years…

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? I have. Plenty of times. I always wonder what makes people so sure they are ready for the curveballs that life sometimes throws at us. Right now I watch people around my age (26) getting engaged, married or having children. And to be honest, while I think I’m mature enough for all those things I’m just not interested right now. Gen X and Gen Y have been told that we can “have it all” but what does this really mean?

As I was catching up on my Offspring episodes over the weekend I realised I’m a bit like Nina. I’m kind of just plodding through life thinking that something is going to knock me over the head and I’ll be like ‘ahh, it all makes sense now‘. I think I’ve been living in a fairytale wonderland where there’s unlimited persian fairy floss (yes it exists) and my martini glass refills itself. If you want things to happen you have to make them happen. And everything else, well, that’s fate.

In Season Three, which just finished on Australian TV screens this month, Nina and her on again/off again boyfriend, Patrick, can’t make up their minds whether they want to be together or not. They are bad communicators and give each other mixed messages. I’m a bit like this too… I’ve become more fickle than I used to be and it drives me crazy. In my early 20s and in an LTR (long-term relationship) I was certain that I wanted to settle down. I felt “ready”. But the older I get, the less sure I am. I mean it took me six months to settle on the idea of getting a cat. Have I turned into a commitment-phobe? A commitment-phobe with an extremely cute grey and white kitten?

One thing I’ve always been sure about is my career. I’ve wanted to be a writer as soon as I saw Jo in Little Women start writing the manuscript of her life with her sisters. That writing dream has progressed into journalism and perhaps even a book in my 30s. But as I age, even that dream is turning into something different. I think I’d be happy enough in a job where I was around words – not necessarily writing them, but communicating ideas and products. It’s amazing that where you thought you’d be isn’t necessarily where you end up, and so my goals have shifted and are perhaps more realistic now.

Right now I’m making some big changes in my life. I want a new job – not just any job, but something that will fulfil me – and I’m making plans that will see this become a reality. Of course leaving a position and company you’ve been in for four and a half years is a big step, but I fear that I’ve become too comfortable. And I believe being too comfortable zaps any creativity and I just won’t have that. I also don’t intend on staying in Sydney’s inner west where I have been living since I moved out of home in 2008. I love my flat, even if I have moved half a dozen times in 4 years, but it’s time to move onwards and upwards.

So… what has this got to do with you? Well, nothing really other than I’m sure many of you all have come to a point in your life where you are desperate for a change. A new job, a new house/flat/granny flat, a change of scenery, a new boyfriend/girlfriend or a brand new car because you cannot bear to be seen driving to your interview in a shit box.

And what I have realised through this spring clean of my little life is that change is good. Change keeps you on your toes. We might not always be ready but I don’t think there’s much we can’t handle even if it is hard at the time.

I’m ready for new things. I’ve been single for nearly two years and I’m ready to fall in love again. I want to take life slowly and enjoy what I have. I want an adventure, I want a new postcode and I want a new local. I want to meet new lifelong friends and experience more of all the great things I know my life could be.

I might not be ready for all of this but I’m not scared. Life is full of endless possibilities. Just jump.

Do you ever feel uncertain about where your life is heading? Are you desperate for a change? Have you ever made a huge change in your life? Tell me your experience

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  • Mandi Aylmore

    I desperately want a change. I feel like I need something completely different to just kickstart myself again. I’m bored with everything. I want a new job, new place, new city. I just wish I was in a financial position to do so :)

    • Rose Russo

      If you had to pick a city to move to where would you go??

      I feel the same I just need a fresh start with something completely out of my comfort zone.

      • Mandi Aylmore

        I want to move to Melbourne. Desperately.

    • Bek M

      I wish you could move to Newcastle! Then we could have gaming nights! And I could cook grown-up dinners. :-)

  • fender4eva

    Rose and Cuppy flatting together, and hitting all the nightspots. Watch out, Melbourne. The sisters are coming…… :-)

    • Mandi Aylmore

      I’m not really a nightspot type person Fender. I’ll stay home with the cats while Rose parties :)

  • Valentina B

    I have a bunch of things in place that I desperately want to do; move out, go back to uni, take a holiday. The only thing holding me back is money, or lack of money. I think next year will be my year!

  • Naz Kovacs

    First of all loved your Persian fairy floss reference and btw it’s called Pashmak and now I’m craving it haha and yes I’m Persian :)

    As for change well my husband and I made a MAJOR change when moved to America last year. I think it was easier for me than it was for him though, I think it all comes down to how we grew up. I grew up moving around a lot, my parents especially my mum likes change and wasn’t content on staying in one home for her whole life, so we moved house quite a few times. I also lived on my own for 2 years so I knew what it felt like being away from family.

    Husband on the other hand grew up in the same house his whole life and had never lived on his own. But we have come to adapt to this major change and now we are considering moving onto another place, maybe another State in America or another country all together. At this point in my life I thought I’d have at least one kid and be settled in a house back home in Australia but now I’m not so sure when that will happen! I’m finding that now I don’t really have a plan but am just going with the flow and have to be comfortable with the fact that any potential future children will most likely be born outside of Australia!