Describing Yourself in 5 Words

As if. I don't need one of them to project my voice!
As if. I don't need one of them to project my voice!

Would you describe yourself like this?

Recently, I changed my Twitter bio. I’m quite proud of it and think I’m really funny and self deprecating. It got me thinking about adjectives, and words we would use to describe ourselves, if we were given only 5.

I’m a very aware person. I am more aware of my faults than I’d like to be, but I maintain that I will always be aware of my shortcomings and I accept them. They are part of me, the same way that my honesty and strength are a part of me. It’s just who I am. I don’t apologise for who I am, but I WILL cop it on the chin when I’m acting like a dickhead. When I see people who don’t accept their faults, it infuriates me (hence activating my impatient side) because I think there is strength in accepting your shortcomings.

So in a game of the top 5 words I’d use to describe myself, I select the following:

1. Solicitor

To be quite honest, this word is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about myself. The very first. It bothers me, because I am not a fan of using external factors to describe yourself. For example, I’d never ever describe myself as being a “girlfriend” or “partner” above all of the other swell things about me.  Because I am an awesome, proud, individual woman and I don’t want my relationship status (an external factor) as a primary descriptor or indicator of who I am. At least not in my top 5.  I also wouldn’t immediately use the words “daughter” or “sister” when describing myself. So why do I feel the need to add “solicitor” to everything? Because it is supposed to command respect. It bothers me that I do it, but I continue to do it, it’s like a subconscious need to remind myself and everyone around that I am highly educated and have “made it“.  I suppose that, comes from my insecurities sometimes that I’m not smart enough to do what I’m doing and soon everyone will realise that.

2. Opinionated

Who me? Surely not, I know you’re thinking I’m as meek as a mouse and don’t express myself often. Pffffffffft.  I am very opinionated and forcefully so. I see this as having both positive and negative effects. I get adamant about things, sometimes shoot my mouth off without thinking or having the facts/support to back it up. As I grow up, I am learning that being opinionated is fine, but what is better, is to have the strength in your argument to back up your thoughts. I try to be informed before opinionated. This further cements my strong belief in education, education, education!

3. Loud

A foghorn voice that projects probably all the way from Brisbane to London without needing a speaker. Excellent in crowds or getting the attention of a waiter.

As if. I don’t need one of them to project my voice!

4. Talker

Probably intertwining with being loud and opinionated, I talk a lot. Often, someone will come into my office to talk for 1 minute about a file and I will TRAP  THEM IN MY OFFICE TO TALK ABOUT MY WEEKEND WHICH HAPPENED 4 DAYS AGO. THEN I WILL TELL THEM THAT SHANIA FROM ACCOUNTS HAS BEEN SACKED  BUT IT IS VERY HUSH HUSH BECAUSE SHE NICKED MONEY FROM PETTY CASH. I can see them trying to edge out of my office but I STILL KEEP TALKING!

5. Honest

I tell it like it is. Sometimes this lands me in hot water. Often, it just makes people laugh. I tell it like it is and I won’t apologise for it. Being a straight shooter is really important to me and I pride myself on being honest. Even if you’ve just dyed your hair black and it doesn’t suit you. Sorry.

What are the top 5 words you’d use to describe yourself? Can you restrict it to 5? Have you ever thought about it?

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  • John James

    On a good day: Intelligent, Charming, Passionate, Funny, Unique.

    On a bad day: Selfish, Strange, Aloof, Obsessive, Unlovable.

  • AleceD

    This was harder than I expected but here goes: Determined, impatient, practical, intelligent and talkative.

  • carohutchison

    mmm tricky. I may have to steal some of your words Whipper, as I am also Honest (occasionally brutally, but I do try not to intentionally hurt feelings) and Talkative; Generous, Smiley and Untidy.

  • Tamsin Howse

    I think I’d call myself loud, empathetic, bossy, sensitive and… I don’t know what 5th word I’d choose.

    • John James

      5th word? Indecisive? 😉

  • Rose Russo

    Loud, sociable, loving, impatient… I can’t think of a 5th word either!!

    • John James

      See my reply to T 😉

      • Rose Russo

        LOL… I’m actually very decisive! Too much so! Ok I’ll add decisive as my 5th word! :)

  • Valentina B

    honest, quiet, loyal, confident, blase

  • fender4eva

    Honest, kind, impulsive, curious, and horny. What ? That’s a crime ?…… 😉

    • Rose Russo


  • melinka

    Oh man, I gotta have a Twitter bio now?!
    Chocoholic, Soft-hearted, Frequently Incoherent and Sweary..
    Will that do? 😛

  • Mandi Aylmore


    I would have to go with, kind, loving, funny, loyal and crazy.

    Or the more accurate, I’m just ME.

  • Bek M

    Cheerful, creative, caring, chocoholic and Christian. Alliteration rules.

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