Mothers Are Amazing (even animal ones)


Bella with a kitten

Isobel (Belle, Bella), my cat, used to be a breeding queen. She was a very good mother. Patient, caring, protective. To this day if you play the sound of a crying kitten, she will try to find it. If you put her with a human child, she will tolerate being poked, prodded and annoyed.

As I watched my nieces pick her up, manhandle her, poke her and prod her, it got me thinking about what a good mother she had always been. And one time she really proved to me how amazing mothers are.

A woman brought her son to see the kittens. The boy was a bit more buoyant than the kittens were used to, so they hid. One kitten, Eddie, hid so well we couldn’t find him. He was 10 weeks old and compared to Bella, who is tiny, he was fairly big and heavy but still very young.

An hour or so later, we heard him cry. We found him at the very top of a tree taller than my parents’ 2.5 storey house. We tried to reach him by putting a ladder onto the tree from our top balcony, but he was too high. We tested reaching the tree from our roof, but it was too far away. We called the fire brigade, they said they wouldn’t come until he’d been up there over 48 hours. He wouldn’t survive!

Bella and Eddie

Mum searched the yellow pages, finding a tree climber to scale the tree to get poor Eddie down, who at this point had been up there for 2 hours. As she was on the phone, we went out to the balcony to soothe him as best we could. It was then we realised Bella, who had never climbed a tree in her life without getting stuck, was climbing the tree.

One storey up, she was determined. Two storeys up. She reached the top, and she picked up Eddie in her mouth, even though he was almost as big as she was, and she carried him all the way down to us, who had gathered at the bottom. When she could reach my hands, she let Eddie go.

Mothers are amazing, even animal ones.

Has a pet of yours ever done something impressive? What about your mother?