Best Australian Blog Award


That's us!! Well, it should be ;)

We are so excited that only a month and a half after launch (and over 20,000 hits) we have been nominated for the Best Australian Blog Award!

The Best Australian Blogs Competition is an initiative of the Sydney Writers’ Centre one of Australia’s most prestigious competitions. We are honoured to be a part of it. We have been nominated as a Commentary blog and have entered the competition for Outstanding Funny Blog Post, Outstanding Advocacy Post and Best New Blog (under 6 months old).

Now the nitty gritty – we’d like to ask you guys to lend us a hand. Vote for us for the People’s Choice Awards here or by clicking that nice big blue button over on your right. Go on… click it!

Voting closes on Wednesday 9th May so you might see us facebooking and tweeting about it until then. Make sure you vote! And if you like us, don’t forget to share with all your friends.

We thought while you’re at it we’d remind you that KiKi & Tea is a community blog space, and we want to hear from you. It’s diversity that makes the website what it is. We are thankful to everyone who has written for us, and encourage you to submit your thoughts as well. Submissions can be sent at any time to

This is our place, but it’s your space.

Thank you for reading!

John James & Tamsin Howse